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How To Fight Giovanni In Pokemon GO?

Giovanni Pokemon

Undoubtedly, Pokemon is one of the most popular game franchises globally. Its popularity even got it many anime adaptations. The latest addition to the Pokemon game franchise is the eighth generation remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Apart from the Nintendo exclusive games, the Pokemon Company joined hands with Niantic, developed a game for mobile phones called Pokemon GO. This game came out on 6 July 2016.

Since the release of Pokemon GO, this game has become a massive hit among fans. Further, it even attracted non-Pokemon fans because of its unique gameplay. Unlike other Pokemon games where you play as a character and his journey in an ideal world, in this game, you will be the Trainer yourself and will catch Pokemon around you in the real world, which can be spotted via this game’s AR Technology. The game initially began with the original 500 Pokmon, but now the game’s Pokedex has over 600 Pokemons. Also, the game not only introduced the Pokemons but also introduced the iconic villains of the franchise, Team Rocket. Also, Niantic later released Giovanni. Thus, fans have been looking for the answer to fight Giovanni in Pokemon GO. Therefore, let’s take a look here to find out how to fight Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

Who Is Giovanni?

Giovani is the mastermind who runs the criminal organization called Team Rocket. He uses his organization for evil deeds like stealing other trainers” Pokemon and takes control of legendary Pokemon like the Kanto Trio or the Johto Duo. Giovanni was also the man behind creating one of the strongest Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. He even controlled the Psychic Legendary Pokemon before its escape.


Further, Giovanni is an evil mastermind and a genius trainer. Because of his geniuses in Pokemon battles, he was even the Gym Leader in Viridian City and even managed to take down a strong trainer like Gary Oak. Therefore, the players need to be powerful enough to defeat him in Pokemon GO. Further, there are also some rewards that the players will receive for defeating him. For example, beating Giovanni can present the opportunity to capture a legendary Shadow Pokemon, such as Shadow Articuno, Ho-Oh, or Mewtwo. However, the trainers need to be above Level 8 to fight Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

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How To Encounter Giovanni?

In Pokemon GO, it is pretty common to fight against Team Rocket agents and leaders. However, the chance to encounter the Team Rocket mastermind, Giovanni, isn’t that easy. As he’s a part of an optional quest that is only available for a limited time in Pokemon GO. Thus, follow these simple steps to encounter the head of the evil organization, Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Leaders
Team Rocket Leaders
  • First, the Trainers must complete the Special Research storyline called “A Troubling Situation.” After its completion, the Trainers will unlock the unique Giovanni Research quest. Like “A Challenging Development,” the Giovanni Special Research quest. It was available in December 2019 for the first time. Since then, these events have appeared every now and then.
  • The fourth step of the Giovanni Special Research task always asks the Trainers to defeat each Team Go Rocket Leader: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra once.
  • Completing the fourth step will reward the Trainer with the Super Rocket Radar. Theis Super Rocket Radar will help the Trainer hunt down the leader of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni.

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How To Use Super Rocket Radar?

To encounter Giovanni, the Trainers would require to use the Super Rocket Radar. Further, it works similarly to the Rocket Radars created by collecting Mysterious Components. But if you are still having trouble, follow these steps to access the Super Rocket Radar.

Finding Giovanni in Pokemon GO
Finding Giovanni in Pokemon GO
  • Access your Bag through the main menu and look for the Super Rocket Radar in your inventory. Here one is able to equip and unequip the Super Rocket Radar whenever you like.
  • The Super Rocket Radar doesn’t just display the exact location of Giovanni because some Grunts disguise themselves as Giovanni and will also appear on the radar, all hoping to prevent you from finding their boss.
  • The Trainers have to work their way through these disguised Grunts until you find the actual PokéStop Giovanni is hiding out in.

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How To Counter Giovanni’s Party In Pokemon GO?

Once you find Giovanni, prepare yourself for a fight. His Pokemon are far stronger than those of the Team Rocket Leaders: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Therefore, make sure that your team is as powerful as the Team Rocket boss. Further, Giovanni’s choice of legendary Shadow PokEmon and the second party member rotate every month, meaning you will often find yourself battling different Pokemon in each encounter.

Fight Giovanni in Pokemon GO
Giovanni’s Lugia

Giovanni, during his last appearance in Pokemon GO during November 2021, appeared with the following line-up:

  • First Pokemon: Persian will always come up first and is weak against Fighting-type. So, having Pokemon like Lucario, Conkeldurr or Machamp will be your best bet here.
  • Second Pokemon: Giovanni mostly prefers to use Nidoking or Rhyperior as his second Pokemon. But sometimes, he can also opt for a Water-type like Kingler. Thus, the trainers can have a Grass-type or Water-type to defeat Rypherior. As for his Nidoking, the Trainers should go for Grass, Ice, Psychic or Water-type. If you are up against Kingler, then an Electric or Grass-type can be of great help.
  • Third Pokemon: His last Pokemon in the party is always a legendary Pokemon, and recently he was using the Psychic/Flying-type Lugia. Therefore, a Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, or Rock-type can be a great choice to defeat the Johto legendary Pokemon. Further, the Trainer can catch his third Pokemon, a Legendary, after winning against him.

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