How to Find the Secret Midnight Channel

How to Find the Secret Midnight Channel

Persona 4 Golden’s greatest secret involves the Midnight Channel, though the result of this hidden Easter Egg is more gag than accomplishment.

Persona 4 was the game that truly began bringing the Atlus JRPG franchise into the mainstream, and it’s largely considered one of the best games on the PlayStation 2. It would receive an enhanced rerelease in the form of Persona 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita, and said version is now being ported to modern consoles. This allows gamers to explore every inch of the Midnight Channel once more, including perhaps the game’s most well-kept secret.

Accessing the Midnight Channel at a certain point allows players a rather unique experience with Persona 4‘s respective animal-themed party member. This Easter egg might seem rather strange and pointless, but the fact that so few know about it says a lot. Here’s how the Midnight Channel’s grizzliest programming can be accessed in Persona 4 Golden.

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What Is the Midnight Channel in Persona 4?

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The Midnight Channel is the prevailing concept in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden, as this TV World is where the bulk of the story takes place. It can only be accessed in the game’s story after midnight on a rainy day, with those who try to access it at this time seeing someone else (who is supposedly their soulmate) staring back at them. This urban legend spreads throughout the town of Inaba, with a gruesome series of murders only heightening the myth’s popularity. It’s also the way by which the hidden desires of the game’s cast are revealed.

This idea extends beyond the in-game narrative, with the Midnight Channel also being available for access through the menu of Persona 4 Golden. If players try to access it between 12 AM and 1 AM (at least according to their hardware’s clock), they’ll be greeted by a shadowy image that tries to speak to them. This is none other than Teddie, the lovable bear from the Midnight Channel who joins Yu and the Investigation Team. From there, players can engage in a rather fur-rocious mini-game, of sorts.

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Persona 4’s Secret Midnight Channel Secret Lets Players Touch Teddie

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While conversing on the “secret” Midnight Channel, Teddie will engage in his usual array of lively banter and hilariously bad bear puns. A hand will appear on-screen that players can guide around to interact with Teddie’s silhouette, allowing them to either tickle the lovable ursine or straight-up slap him around. This is sadly the extent of this feature, though its fairly ridiculous nature is likely part of the joke. After all, who wouldn’t get a chuckle about waiting up until midnight, only to be greeted with a ticklish, pun-making bear?

The “mini-game” does net players a trophy, though that’s about all it’s really worth beyond momentary entertainment. However, it does work as far as inverting the rumors about the Midnight Channel. It also subtly builds upon the idea of Social Links and relationships in the series. With Persona 4 Golden about to become available on more platforms, it’ll be easier than ever to stay up all night and get in touch with Teddie.


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