November 27, 2021

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How to get Broly in AUT? A Quick Guide

How to get Broly in AUT? A Quick Guide

“Gojo can beat Broly” “Nah! Broly would BEAT Gojo”. Ever had a conversation like this before? Well, luckily, there are many games out there today wherein we can enjoy two characters from different Universe battle against one another. AUT or A Universal Time is one such game. A Universal Time is a Roblox game that has an adventure Grinding and Trading Simulator. It also has a PvP Simulator which allows you to fight other players in different kinds of matches. Created by Universal Time Studio, the game was launched in 2018. However, the games’ official creation date is June 3, 2020. This game is based on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a manga/anime series created by Araki. It includes characters from other Manga series and Universe ranging from Dragon Ball to Ben 10.

Along with a newly developed map, we know that there are also many character specs to opt for in the game. Today we will be looking into how you can get Broly in AUT.

Fun Fact: Broly was added to AUT after he won a poll in their Discord server. It won with some 21,000+ votes!

How to get Broly in AUT?

Broly is a spec with high destructive power, powerful awakening move, and versatile moveset. In short, it is one of the best specs in the entire game. As mentioned above, this game is a Grinding/Trading simulator. So, to get it, you will have to go through some steps.

The First Step requires you to find the seven Dragon Balls that spawn randomly on the map every 30 minutes. The King Crimson Stand, with its Time Erase ability, could help you find these. Check out this video by TheCookieGuy.

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Once done, go and interact with Goku. You will find him standing under a tree on the left hill of the soccer field. To get over here, you will need a stand like Shadow Dio and Gold Experience for a boost.

Interact with Goku to get BrolyInteract with Goku to get Broly

Interact with Goku to get Broly

Goku will then give you your Quest, which includes the following:

  • Obtain 1,000 U-Coins
  • Deal 100 Damage
  • Block 100 Damage
  • Take 100 Damage
  • Kill Dio once.

Although sometimes, the quests may require more than what is listed above. In that case, it is suggested that you restart the game as there is a possibility of the game being buggy.

Once these tasks are completed, you can go back to Goku to let him know that you have completed his requests. This will make the Dragon Shenron appear, who will ask you to wish for something from 6 options. The one you need to pick for the Broly spec is Primal Power.

The Final Step to getting Broly in AUTThe Final Step to getting Broly in AUT

Dragon Shenron’s Question – The Final Step to getting Broly in AUT

And there you’ve got Broly’s powers!

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What would you gain?

Like I mentioned before, it is one of the most powerful specs in the game. Broly gives you the joy of being able to play the game smoothly (if skilled) with its movesets.



  • The Eraser Blow forcefully spins the opponent and delivers a heavy ki-infused blow with a fist.
  • The Gigantic Crash grabs the opponent by the neck and slides them across the ground.
  • Eraser Volley is another moveset that rapidly fires a series of aim-assisted ki-blasts.
  • The Planet Crusher charges an immense energy ball which is launched towards the ground. This delivers massive AOE damage.
  • The Omega Storm grants immunity to all attacks by engulfing itself in forcefield energy. After this field is released, AOE damage is inflicted by an explosion.
  • The Gigantic Breath lets you cast a beam of energy from your mouth, which allows you to move too.
  • Pulverizer is another strong move in the spec that grabs the enemy by their head and slams their body on the ground repeatedly. The opponent is then tossed.
  • And, of course, we have the Legendary Super Saiyan. This form lasts for about 120 seconds, wherein you will gain a 1.65x damage buff. After 60 seconds, you will possess 1.65x more defense. What is cooler is that your speed will increase!

Happy Gaming!

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