How To Join The Thieves Guild In Skyrim?

Join the Thieves Guild In Skyrim to get some amazing armors. If you don’t know how to join the thieves guild in Skyrim, then you are at the right place. Here, we have mentioned the simple process stepwise. There are thieves in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim who generally attacks the players, so it’s better to join their guild. Furthermore, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a 2011 action role-playing single-player game that was available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox series, Nintendo, and PlayStations.

The game is the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series, and it has open-world themes just like the other games in the series. However, there is a dragon in the Skyrim that is all set to destroy the world. The character has to focus on his gaming skills, his character building, and the eighteen skills that are provided in the game. Furthermore, the game distributed 7 million copies in its first week after its release, which shows the success of the game. Also, it was selected as one of the best-selling video games in history.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim can be played in first or third-person perspective. The game provides an endless open world in which character comes across villages and different terrains. Also, there are forts, towns, caves, and whatnot. The players can roam around this world freely, but some of the areas can be explored once they complete the quest associated with the area. As a popular and fast traveling option, the character has horses that can help them explore a large area in a short period. Now, a player can control one identity that is the main character, and all other non-playable characters are there either to help him or do nothing. These characters narrate the story or provide quests to the players, and these characters cannot be killed as they are important to the story. Moreover, when a player joins the game, they are asked to build their identity.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Gameplay
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Gameplay

They have to choose one race among some races, such as humans, orcs, etc. Also, the player can build his character more strongly throughout the game. In the game, there are eighteen skills, and these skills can be improved or leveled up. It completely depends on the character hat how well he plays the game to level up his skills. Now, coming to the main theme and the heart of the game, that is the dragons. Well, the player will encounter dragons that will be generated anytime. There are other creatures too in the game, such as deer and more, among which the players can tame some of the creatures. But, Dragons are dangerous, and they cannot be tamed. Furthermore, players have shields, spells, and other small weapons that can protect them or help them complete their quests.

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How To Join The Thieves Guild In Skyrim?

To join the thieves guild in Skyrim, there are some very simple steps that lead to the new quest. The rewards after you join the thieves guild in Skyrim, you may unlock sets of thieves’ armor or nightingale armor. Also, there will be one more option that can be useful to you, which is to bribe guards for crimes that you committed. So, it looks interesting, but some players might not know the process to join the new quest, so here, we have mentioned all the steps which you can follow to join the thieves guild in Skyrim. Read on and follow the steps.

  • Go to Whiterun Stables as you have to hire a horse to Riften and pay 30-50 golds to hire one.
  • After reaching Riften, you will meet a man named Brynjolf. He is a non-playable character, and he will start talking to you on his own.
  • This man will instruct you to place a ring in another non-playable character’s pocket while he will be distracting others in the market.
  • Completing the task, you will get 100 gold coins. Collect them.
Join The Thieves Guild in SkyrimJoin The Thieves Guild in Skyrim
Join The Thieves Guild in Skyrim
  • Now, you have to reach Ratways in Riften. You will find five bandits, and you have to defeat them. This task depends on your combat skills, so try to complete the task flawlessly.
  • Open the Ratway and travel through it. Be careful as there are some bugs that will trouble you. Well, you have to reach Ragged Flagon.
  • You will meet Brynjolf again. He will give you a task which is the final one. If you can complete that, then you will be able to join the thieves guild in Skyrim.

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