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Multiclassing is a valuable tool in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. It allows a character to halt their progression in one class and pick up the abilities of another. However, it has to be managed carefully. Multiclassing recklessly can see a character miss out on important features and fall behind the curve.

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The fighter is an effective class in D&D 5e. It excels on the battlefield in dealing and taking damage. Nonetheless, some players may want to multiclass their D&D fighter for more versatility, access to magic, or specific combinations. The class’ generic abilities make for a blank slate, enabling almost any multiclass. However, some are still better than others.

Updated May 8th by Isaac Williams: Fighters’ generic abilities and lack of innate spellcasting makes them one of D&D 5e’s best choices for multiclassing. Almost any class can bring something new to the fighter’s toolkit. This list has been updated to include every option available for the fighter to help players choose the best fighter multiclass in D&D 5e.



12 Sorcerer

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Fighters are one of D&D 5e‘s few classes to lack any spellcasting at base. As a result, it’s popular to multiclass them with spellcasters. The sorcerer has plenty to offer a fighter. It offers arcane spellcasting, with even a handful of levels giving a character many cantrips and access to several invaluable low-level spells.

The main drawback of a sorcerer and fighter multiclass in D&D 5e is how it shapes up to other spellcasters. The sorcerer has very little unique to offer the fighter, especially with its limited class features. Other spellcasters give similar spells with other features. In addition, sorcerers use Charisma. Many fighters have higher Wisdom or Intelligence unless they’re going for a very social build.

11 Monk

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Multiclassing a monk and fighter in D&D has an unusual dynamic. A fighter’s early-level features can prove invaluable for a monk. However, the same isn’t true the other way. A D&D fighter gets very little from a monk’s low-level abilities. The most obvious drawback is that monk abilities forbid armor and limit weapon choices. One of a fighter’s main strengths is access to all weapons and armor.

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In addition, monk abilities reward a high level of investment. With only a few levels, a D&D fighter gets a weak bonus action attack and some extra movement. Both of these come with heavy limitations. Any significant returns require many levels in monk. This delays fighter abilities too much to be viable or rewarding.

10 Druid

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The D&D 5e druid is one of D&D‘s best spellcasting classes. However, it has little else to offer the fighter. Levels in druid can give low-level spells, especially support or utility options. However, a fighter won’t be able to use them nearly as well as a druid can. In addition, it offers very few combat benefits.

Most of a druid’s combat prowess in D&D 5e comes from spellcasting or from subclass abilities. These all require significant investment to become worthwhile, especially the Circle of the Moon’s Combat Wild Shape. Other casting subclasses synergize better or give the fighter more combat prowess.

9 Cleric

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The cleric is another spellcasting class that can provide a fighter with significant benefits. D&D fighters have very little in the way of support abilities. Their features revolve around damaging enemies and surviving punishment. For fighters who want to support their allies as well as fight, the cleric can be a good choice.

Cleric spellcasting in D&D has several valuable support options for a fighter. They can use a bonus action spell like Healing Word in the same turn they attack several times. In addition, the cleric spell list has several good buffs. Nonetheless, the multiclass doesn’t offer much more than spellcasting and some Domain abilities, many of which need high Wisdom to be beneficial.

8 Wizard

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Combining martial prowess and arcane spellcasting is one of D&D 5e‘s oldest player fantasies. Multiclassing spellcasting characters has several drawbacks in D&D. The character has to make trade-offs in class features to improve their spellcasting. In addition, spellcasting will be less effective unless the character can keep the requisite ability score high.

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However, a few levels of wizard can be a boon for a fighter who doesn’t mind losing out on high-level features. Even a handful of low-level spells can give a D&D fighter utility or combat buffs. With its higher rate of Ability Score Improvements, a fighter can keep their Intelligence high for spellcasting. It synergizes especially well with the Eldritch Knight fighter subclass, which gets wizard spellcasting of its own.

7 Bard

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The bard is one of the best multiclass choices for D&D fighters who want to develop some support abilities. A bard’s spellcasting and features are geared toward aiding other party members. However, it also comes with martial subclasses such as the College of Swords that can stop a fighter’s combat capabilities from slipping.

A well-made fighter bard multiclass in D&D 5e can make good use of its action and bonus action every round to both hurt enemies and help allies. However, this does require significant investment. Bard features need high Charisma and at least five levels to truly become viable. If a D&D fighter wants a short multiclass, bard is a poor choice.

6 Artificer

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The artificer can seem like an odd choice to multiclass with the fighter in D&D 5e. They’re the least combat-oriented ‘half-caster’, emphasizing utility and support over weapons. However, they have several unique synergies that no other class can offer. For instance, enhancing equipment is a crucial part of the artificer’s toolkit. A fighter multiclass could get a +1 weapon from very early in the game.

In addition, almost every D&D artificer ability uses Intelligence. Although most fighters rely on Strength or Dexterity, they have several subclasses that benefit from high Intelligence. An Eldritch Knight, Psi Warrior, or Arcane Archer with artificer levels gets more bonuses from boosting that ability score. With Armorer or Battle Smith, they can even use Intelligence for their weapon attacks.

5 Warlock

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The warlock is the most unconventional full spellcaster in D&D 5e. They use short rest-based Pact Magic instead of Spellcasting. To compensate, they gain more abilities from their subclass than many casters, as well as unique Pact Boons and Eldritch Invocations. These all have a lot to offer a D&D fighter.

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For one, most of the fighter’s abilities also recharge on a short rest. The result is a character who gets almost everything back in an hour, giving them staying power in an adventuring day. In addition, Invocations can give at-will spells that provide significant out-of-combat utility. In combat, a fighter’s many attacks synergize well with Hex or Hexblade’s Curse, which deal bonus damage on every hit.

4 Paladin

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Paladins and fighters already have a lot in common in D&D 5e. They are the only two classes that always get access to all forms of weaponry and heavy armor. They also both tend to hold the line and protect teammates. The difference is that the paladin tends towards Divine magic while the fighter uses more mundane means.

A fighter and paladin D&D multiclass can blend these styles for the best effect. Even a handful of levels in paladin can give a D&D fighter a second Fighting Style, some emergency healing and spellcasting, and the ability to Divine Smite. However, these abilities remain limited unless a character invests significant levels in paladin. This delays fighter features and risks redundancy, such as two lots of Extra Attack.

3 Ranger

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The D&D ranger class shares a lot of similarities with the fighter. They are a martial class with a focus on weapons over supernatural abilities. Nonetheless, they use nature-themed divine magic to navigate the wild and improve their combat prowess. As a result, they can enhance the fighter’s martial powers while expanding their toolkit.

A handful of levels in ranger can give a fighter another of D&D‘s Fighting Styles, increasing their flexibility or giving passive buffs. In addition, almost every D&D ranger subclass gives an ability that improves weapon damage. On top of that, ranger spellcasting can be invaluable for a fighter. Spells like Hunter’s Mark reward a fighter’s multiple attacks. The ability to cast Cure Wounds can help in an emergency.

2 Rogue

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The D&D fighter and rogue are two of the few classes that do not wield magic in their base abilities. Characters who want to excel in purely mundane arts could benefit from multiclassing the two. Rogues provide a non-magical way to expand a fighter’s capabilities. Additional skill proficiencies and Expertise can help a character hold their own outside combat.

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On top of that, the rogue provides invaluable combat abilities. Sneak Attack provides a significant damage bonus once per turn that can outstrip a fighter’s high-level benefits. Cunning Action gives a high level of battlefield mobility. A D&D Battle Master fighter with rogue levels can do something different every turn, while a samurai can trigger Sneak Attack with Fighting Spirit.

1 Barbarian

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The barbarian and fighter have a lot in common in D&D 5e. They’re two of the game’s most straightforward martial characters. Even with magical subclasses, their base features rely on their own physical power rather than supernatural abilities. They’re masters of dealing damage and taking it right back. As a result, they’re one of D&D 5e‘s best multiclass builds.

The D&D fighter’s features synergize with the barbarian’s with little redundancy. Rage is invaluable for any frontline fighter, halving the damage they take. Reckless Attack suits any fighter well, especially a Champion with increased critical hit range. Several barbarian subclasses synergize very well. The only downside is the loss of heavy armor due to Rage’s restrictions.

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