How to Raise Your Academics, Charm & Courage

Persona 3 artwork featuring the protagonist and Yukari with their Personas Orpheus and Io

A new port for Persona 3 Portable is coming later this month. Before it arrives, here are a few ways to increase your social stats quickly.

The upcoming release of Persona 3 Portable has fans very excited as this beloved game is considered one that reinvented the Persona series. It is scheduled to release Jan. 19 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, so fans in 2023 can experience this game in all its glory. The title follows a high school student who joins a group investigating a short time period between one day and the next, of which somehow, very few people are aware.

This game is actually a port of a port as the original Persona 3 was first released only for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Persona 3 Portable was then released four years later as an enhanced port of the game for the PlayStation Portable with a few changes made to the plot along with a revised battle system. This Persona game was the first to introduce social stats, which have some great in-game benefits like unlocking new social links. In order to make the most out of Persona 3 Portable, here are a few ways that players can raise their social stats as quickly as possible.

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The Best Ways to Maximize Your Courage

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There are a number of ways to gain Courage in Persona 3 Portable, with many of these being centered on different shops. Going to the Paulownia mall is a great idea, as there are several stat-raising opportunities there. Visiting the arcade and playing the Horror House game and singing some karaoke are two activities at Paulownia that will increase Courage. At Iwatodai Station’s strip mall, the player can eat the Wild Duck burger at the Wild Duck restaurant, which will increase the Courage stat as well.

Watching movies on Monday and Tuesday will also raise the player’s Courage stat as will taking sketchy medicine received at the nurse’s office when the player feels sick or tired. One of the best ways the player can spend some free time is by working at the Chagall Cafe on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, which will not only increase Courage, but also the Charm stat. Working at Screen Shot, the movie theater, until the evening earns Academics and Courage points.

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The Best Ways to Maximize Your Charm

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Taking shifts at the Chagall Cafe will boost both the protagonist’s Charm and Courage stats while also granting some money, making it a great way to maximize your time while building your stats. At the café, players can also increase Charm by drinking pheromonal coffee. Along with the café, working at Be Blue V, which is only open during the daytime on weekdays, will raise a player’s Charm and Academics.

Movies watched on Wednesday and Thursday will also boost Charm, as will playing the Print Club game at the arcade. Visiting the Iwatodai Strip Mall and eating some ramen will provide a bit of a boost to this particular stat as well. Answering classroom questions correctly will impress your teachers and classmates, boosting your Charm.

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The Best Ways to Maximize Your Academics

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Players have a few more options for raising their Academic stats than they do for Charm and Courage. Of course, they can still watch movies to boost the stat with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being the stat-raising day for Academics, just as they can play the Quiz Game at the arcade, eat Wakatsu at the Iwatodai Strip Mall, and work. As mentioned above, working at Be Blue V and Screen Shot will target the Academics stat, as well as Charm and Courage, respectively.

Besides these, there are a few other ways to raise Academics. This can be done by studying in the library at school during the day or at the desk in the player’s room in the evenings. Doing well in school is the key to raising the Academics stat. Make sure to stay awake in class and listen during lectures to increase your Academics.


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