How to Unlock the Glider

Link using his Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a true sequel, as it somehow manages to deliver a brand-new experience while simultaneously sustaining a familiar one. Apart from the severe impact of the game’s opening events, the world remains strikingly similar to its predecessor’s, along with many of its mechanics, save for those introduced through new items and abilities. Some old items still remain, however, such as the Paraglider.

The Paraglider was an immensely useful tool in Breath of the Wild, as it not only allowed players the ability to save themselves from a fatal fall but also to reach distant locations quicker and more efficiently. Thankfully, the Paraglider is back in Tears of the Kingdom, and rightly so considering the amount of time Link spends in the sky during the game. Unlike in Breath of the Wild, though, Link won’t unlock the paraglider upon finishing the Great Sky Island opening area; it’ll take a little more work and main story progress this time around.


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Where the Paraglider Is in Tears of the Kingdom

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As Tears of the Kingdom‘s open world is massive, it’s easy to get distracted by the countless opportunities it offers to explore new regions and uncover its many secrets. However, if you’re hoping to unlock the Paraglider quickly, you should prioritize advancing the main quest line above any side content, especially considering the Paraglider helps tremendously with exploration. While the Paraglider doesn’t become available in Tears of the Kingdom as soon as it did in Breath of the Wild, that process can be expedited if you’re willing to ignore everything but the story.

Once you’ve completed the series of objectives involving the Temple of Time after the game’s opening sequence, follow the objective marker to a site called Lookout Landing. Here, you’ll meet Purah, the head of Lookout Landing and the highest authority on ancient technology. Upon speaking with her, you’ll complete “To the Kingdom of Hyrule” and initiate the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” quest.

Following the objective marker for “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” will send you to the First Gatehouse, just southwest of the elevated Hyrule Castle. There, you’ll encounter Captain Hoz and his soldiers on their search for Link and Zelda. Speaking with Captain Hoz will trigger an event that you’ll then need to report back to Purah, sending you back to Lookout Landing. Once you arrive back at the fort, speak to Purah, and she’ll encourage you to explore Lookout Landing and get to know its inhabitants while she prepares the Skyview Tower and fixes the travel point.

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From there, head to the center of the fort and speak to a guard named Scorpis, who will open up the Emergency Shelter that Purah encouraged you to explore. Head down there if you’re interested in completing a small cooking side-quest. Otherwise, head over to the Skyview Tower and speak with Purah. Upon speaking with her, she’ll give you the Paraglider and even a chance to use it once the Skyview Towers have been activated.

How the Paraglider Benefits Exploration in Tears of the Kingdom

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As sky travel is a persistent method of exploration in Tears of the Kingdom, the Paraglider is more useful now than it ever was in Breath of the Wild. Although Link can survive a fall from any height by landing in water in TOTK, the Paraglider allows him to survive a fall from any height no matter what surface he plummets toward, so long as he has the stamina to keep it up. It’s also worth noting that the Paraglider can allow for a more extensive survey of the surrounding area, especially after launching into the sky from a Skyview Tower. Finally, the ability to completely bypass enemy encounters and create a straight path to a destination makes the Paraglider worth picking up as soon as possible.


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