How to Unlock Vashtan Wolfe’s Locked Door

Cal Kestis and Vashtan Wolfe's door from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tells a powerful, gut-wrenching story that explores Jedi Knight Cal Kestis’ trauma and other serious themes, but that doesn’t mean that players don’t have time to go off the beaten path now and then to catch their breath with some of the game’s lower stakes optional content. There are plenty of tricky puzzles and side-quests to go around in Jedi: Survivor, each with their own unique challenges and rewards, such as the Force Tears that can be found across every world.


One such side-quest can be stumbled upon early, as players who are exploring the planet Koboh in the early hours of the game can find a locked door with a man named Vashtan Wolfe hiding behind it. However, this door cannot be opened until much later in the game, often leading players to forget it’s there by the time they can access it. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s behind Vashtan Wolfe’s door, and why it might be worth the player’s time to reach it.

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Where to Find Vashtan Wolfe’s Locked Door

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Starting from the Derelict Dam Meditation Point on the planet Koboh, begin to head toward the Trontoshell, the giant, dinosaur-like creature that dominates this area of the map. However, before hitting the yellow platforms floating in tar, players can immediately turn back around to see a large cave opening to the right of where they just came from. Enter this cave, but be careful to avoid the Roller Mine that spawns upon entry, and head straight to the back.

Eventually, players will see a Grapple Point for Cal to latch onto and reach the next level. Continue forward, but before reaching a small drop ahead, turn left to see a smaller entryway that may have been hidden to the player due to the entry angle. After entering and following a short hallway, players will be lead to a large room with a fire pit in front of a large, steel door. Upon first entering this area, any interaction with this door will only result in Vashtan Wolfe himself taunting the player from the other side.

How to Unlock Vashtan Wolfe’s Locked Door

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Within the large room that houses Vashtan Wolfe’s locked door are two chests. One of them can be opened normally at any time, though it rests on an upper ledge, and players will need to do some Wall Running with Cal in order to reach it. The other chest, however, can only be opened late in the game, when Cal has picked up the Electrodart Ability for BD-1. Spot the blue electrical device right next to the chest on the upper ledge, and shoot one of BD-1’s Electrodarts right into it. This unlocks the chest, and once players move to claim what’s inside, Vashtan Wolfe will come out from behind his locked door in order to ambush Cal and steal the goods for himself. Unfortunately, the door will close again and remain so for the rest of the campaign, so there’s likely nothing inside.

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The Rewards for Unlocking Vashtan Wolfe’s Door

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The two chests in the room with Vashtan Wolfe’s Door include the “Anodized Metal” BD-1 Material, and the “Two-Tone Metal” Weapon Material, both of which simply add more cosmetic color options to BD-1 and to Cal’s weapons, respectively. With so many more customization options available in Jedi: Survivor, these two rewards may not seem immediately worth the effort to many players. However, the real reward for completing this side-quest is the fight against Vashtan Wolfe himself.

Depending on when the player returns to fight Vashtan and what abilities they have unlocked for Cal, Vashtan has the potential to be one of the most challenging optional boss encounters in the entire game. Vashtan is a versatile fighter who wields both a lightsaber for melee attacks and a blaster for ranged, much like Cal’s own Blaster Stance. He even has the ability to occasionally turn invisible during the fight, adding another layer of difficulty.

For many players, that challenge alone will be enough of a reward. However, Vashtan Wolfe also counts as one of the Legendary enemies of the game who need to be defeated in order to earn the “I’m a Living Legend” Achievement, making this encounter a necessity for many. Players who are less concerned about the challenging fight and just want the Achievement, or even just some extra experience points to work toward completing the skill tree, can instead return much later in the game to make the Vashtan Wolfe fight easier.


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