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With the countdown to the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom dwindling down, fans have been wondering about some of the finer details regarding the game. Nintendo has finally confirmed that, like with Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom will have functionality for a number of amiibo figurines. While this might not come as a shock to most fans, various details regarding exactly what these amiibo will unlock in-game have come out, making them even more excited to jump into the vast open-world version of Hyrule once again.


Tears of the Kingdom is the sequel to Breath of the Wild, which is not only known as one of the best Legend of Zelda games but is even called the best video game of all time by some. It completely revitalized Zelda by adding open-world and sandbox elements, encouraging experimentation and exploration as players complete the nonlinear story however they see fit. While other Zelda games are interconnected, TOTK is the most direct sequel seen so far, so fans are incredibly excited about the game’s launch.

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How to Use amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom

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While all the details regarding exactly how to use amiibo figurines with TOTK have yet to come out, it’s likely that usage will be similar or identical to that of BOTW. Players will likely have to unlock amiibo functionality early in the game, then scroll through the in-game menu to toggle amiibo usage on. By touching or tapping an amiibo to the console’s various NFC points either on the Joy-Con’s right controller stick or the Pro Controller’s Nintendo Switch logo, the amiibo will be enabled in the game. Specific details regarding the mechanics of amiibo usage still have yet to release, but this is likely how players will use them in-game.

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Nintendo has announced functionality for several Zelda-related amiibos so far. These include Link (Rider), Zelda and Loftwing, Majora’s Mask‘s Link, and the new TOTK Link amiibo. Each of these amiibo will give the player a unique fabric and design for their paraglider as well as weapons and materials. Specifically, these paraglider fabrics will give themed patterns from the corresponding game that the amiibo is from. For example, the BOTW Link amiibo seems to give a fabric matching that of the Hylian Hood from Breath of the Wild.

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The official TOTK website confirms functionality for various other Zelda-related amiibo like Bokoblin, Toon Link, and more. However, specific details as to what players will get for tapping these amiibo are yet to come out. It’s likely that most of these will drop specific types of weapons and other materials, but fans are hoping for some other exciting drops as well. More interesting drops in BOTW included a Wolf Link helper and Epona, a recurring fictional horse that acts as Link’s main mount throughout the series.

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It’s still to be confirmed whether amiibo unrelated to The Legend of Zelda will be functional in Tears of the Kingdom. In Breath of the Wild, tapping non-Zelda-themed amiibo granted players an assortment of items like food, currency, and sometimes weapons. It’s likely that this will be similar if not the same in Tears of the Kingdom. While these may not be as exciting as receiving an exclusive themed item, they’re a great way to farm materials to help with survival in the game’s sometimes treacherous open world.


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