How to Watch Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Soul? The New Thai BL Series

episodes of Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul
Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul

BL lovers, assemble! A new Thai BL series has arrived for our happiness. But what is so special about it? Well, it’s a supernatural one. Yes, you heard it right. We all know Thailand dishes out the best Boy Love series out there and they have done it again with Dear Doctor, I’m coming for soul. Most of the BL series we have watched yet are focused on or set in high schools or universities. This time the makers have upped their game with this series. The show has already started airing and has great responses pouring in. You must be curious about how to watch the drama then. Here, I’ll tell you about streaming details for episodes of Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul.

The new show is based on the LGBTQIA+ novel Death vs Doctor by Hungrybird. Fans of the novel were long waiting for a live adaptation of their favorite book. Guess, the universe made their manifestation come true! Now, without any further ado, I’ll get to tell you where to watch the episodes of Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul.

What is “Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul” about? Plot and cast

As mentioned above, the drama is an adaptation of a novel by Hungrybird. There have been many BL Shows before that are based on novels or webtoons. Something that makes this one stand out from the crowd is its fantasy nature. When we talk about the profession of a doctor, we remember how they are given the status of God. People tend to say after God, we have doctors as our saviors on this land. And of course, they are 100% correct. So that makes Death an enemy of the life-giver i.e. Doctor.

But in the drama, Dr. Prakan has to face Death every day while he works. I mean it’s only obvious for a doctor to deal with death, but here we aren’t talking about the hypothetical idea of death. Tua Phee is a soul reaper who appears every time Dr. Prakan is trying to save a life. So how do they ever fall for each other? Well, don’t they say that opposites attract? Here it is quite literally as an individual from the earth and a supernatural being fall for each other. Two worlds would collide due to this romance. Also, it’s interesting to see how well and how long a relationship can last between a life-giver and a life-taker.

Dear Doctor, I'm Coming For Soul episodesDear Doctor, I'm Coming For Soul episodes
Nut and Karn in Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul

The drama features Nut Nutchapon Rattanamongkol as Prakan and Karn Kasidej Hongladaromp as Tua Phee. Nut is a Thai actor who has previously appeared in Views of Love: Grey Rainbow and Love Complex. Meanwhile, Karn is a Thai singer and actor. Nut and Karn have worked together in the show Views of Love: Grey Rainbow. Hence, fans of the show are beyond excited to see them come together for yet another romantic drama.

If the plot synopsis has caught your attention, look no further, as I will tell you where you can start watching Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul episodes.

Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Soul? Release date of new episodes

Episode 9 of Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul will release on May 18, 2022. The drama started airing on 23 March 2022 and is 12 episodes long. The drama will come to an end on 8 June 2022. This means, there is still a lot of scopes for you to catch up on the drama. The drama has new episodes every Wednesday. The channel also posts the uncut and behind-the-scenes of the drama. So don’t forget to check them out when you feel empty after finishing the drama.

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul episodes

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul episodes

Where to watch Dear Doctor I’m Coming For Soul? Streaming details

The refreshing drama is available to watch for international viewers on Studio Wabi Sabi’s official YouTube Channel. Studio Wabi Sabi is the production house for the drama. The channel releases a new episode in parts of 4. Subtitles might take a couple of minutes or hours to release, but be patient, it’s worth the wait.

The timings of the release of episodes are 12:00 pm if you are in the US, 5:00 pm in the UK, 9:30 pm in India, 2:00 am in Australia, and 12:00 pm in Canada.

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