How To Watch I Know My First Name is Steven?

Where to Watch I Know My First Name is Steven

Directed by Larry Elikann, I Know My Name Is Steven was released on 22 May 1989. This American television miniseries has just two episodes and is based on a true event. A child named Steven Stayner, at a very young age of seven, faced a horrible time when he got kidnapped by a sexual predator Kenneth Parnell. For seven years, this kidnapper molested, raped, and took his naked photos just for the sake of fulfilling his desire. If you are wondering where to watch I Know My First Name is Steven, then you indeed are in the right place.

Written by Mike Echols, Cynthia Whitcomb, and J.P Miller, this heart-wrenching and the thought-provoking film had received four Emmy Award nominations. The series was also nominated at the 47th Golden Awards in the category of Best Miniseries or Television Film. Let us see where you can watch I Know My Name Is Steven from any part of the world.

Where to Watch I Know My First Name Is Steven

I Know My First Name Is Steven is a mournful miniseries that depicts how some people, living in our own society can be so apathetic and cowardly just for some temporarily self-fulfilling desire. If you live in some imaginative world where everything goes so-called well, then this miniseries will prove eye-opening for you. It will introduce you to the hard-hitting truth and will force you to think about the security of your child. 

I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) Miniseries

The reason why this miniseries is gaining a lot of popularity these days is because of Hulu. Hulu released a docuseries with the name Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story. This docuseries with a total of three episodes tries to bring the story of Steven Stayner from a new perspective keeping the original incident untouched. Meanwhile, if you want to watch I Know My First Name Is Steven, then you can head on over to Amazon, Google Play, and Youtube from any part of the world.

If you are a reader and enjoy reading more than watching then you can read the book of the same name (I Know My First Name Is Steven). But if you want to watch the docuseries Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story, then the only available platform is Hulu. But Hulu comes with geological restrictions. Therefore, to watch the docuseries you need to buy a secure VPN. 

The Plot of the Miniseries

At the age of seven, Steven was kidnapped on his way home from school by child prosecutors Kenneth Parnell and Irving Murphy. No matter how many times Steven said he wanted to go home, no one of them listened. When Steven got sexually abused for the very first time, he said to leave him alone but Kenneth denied it by saying he need not to afraid. This injustice, rape, and molestation happened for seven years. 

A Still from I Know My First Name is StevenA Still from I Know My First Name is Steven
A Still from I Know My First Name Is Steven

For seven years, Kenneth was the father by day and by night he became the monster and raped the innocent child. Soon Stayner got enrolled in a school with the name Dennis Parnell.

When he reached the age of 14, Kenneth brought another child Timothy White, who was unaware of what he was going to face. Steven did not want that whatever happened to him should ever happen to another child. This gave him enough courage to fight.

So, to protect Timmy from Kenneth, he ran away from the apartment and reached a police station. There to save Timmy and the other children from the sexual abuse, Steven had to disclose all the things that had happened to him in the previous seven years. There, he said the man who is behind the activity is his dad, Parrnell. Stanley became the prime suspect in court. And because of him, Parnell received a five-year sentence in prison for the crime. While his partner-in-crime Irving received a two-year sentence in prison. 

Important Casts

Corin Nemec played the character of 14 years old Steven Stayner and Luke Edwards played seven years old Steven Stayner. Arlis Howard played Kenneth Parnell, Pruitt Taylor Vince played Irving Murphy. Apart from these, Cindy Pickett played Stanley’s mother Kay Stayner. John Ashton played Stanley’s father Del Stayner. Todd Eric Andrews as Stanley’s brother Cary Stayner, and many more. 

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