How To Watch ‘My Boy’ The Series (2021) Online?

My Boy The series Where To Watch Online
Where To Watch My Boys The Series Online?

Many viewers want to know where to watch My Boy (2021) the series online! Don’t worry because there are various ways to enjoy the show. After all, the BL series narrates the tale of photography club students Nut and Satha. Although their love journey doesn’t start off on the right foot, they eventually overcome every obstacle. It shows how the past can always teach one or two new lessons in life, but we must not let that past destroy our present. Furthermore, the playful chemistry between the leading stars is another highlight of the series!

The BL drama My Boy (2021) was premiered on 27 June 2021 and concluded on 12 September 2021 with 12 episodes. The drama starred Pakoo Athiwat and Tawan Kanachot Worachottrakul as the main characters. Even though the plot is pretty simple, the actors have given their best shots. My Boy is your typical BL series where college senior and junior falls in love. But, their palpitating love needs to pass the hinders, such as the unwelcomed secret crushes, an ex-boyfriend, and the judgments of others! Therefore, My Boy (2021) the series is a guilty pleasure for BL fans who are searching for a way to watch it online!

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Cast Of My Boy The Series

The BL series My Boy (2021) focuses on the photography club’s members. The Thai drama starred Pakoo Athiwat as Nut and Tawan Kanachot Worachottrakul as Satha as the main leads. Further, we meet Net Thanchar Paosung as Ball, Preme Supakorn as Latte, Puth Supamongkol as Boy, and Earth Warit Jumpanoi as Chet. The supporting cast members welcome Ing Tanathon Trairongvijit, Sun Thanapon, Get Noraset Wimuktiphan, and Not Saharat Photia.

My Boy The series Where To Watch OnlineMy Boy The series Where To Watch Online
My Boy the series Cast

Most of the cast members of My Boy are new actors, which offers fresh quality to the plotline. Although it is the beginning of their acting profession, most actors portrayed their characters pretty well.

My Boy BL Series Plot

The Thai drama My Boy (2022) is a Boys Love (BL) series that follows the tale of the students from the photography club. The story begins with the university student, Nut, returning to school after dropping out due to heartbreak. Despite claiming to love, Nut’s ex-boyfriend chooses to cheat on him. The heartbroken Nut builds walls around his heart to protect himself until Satha appears.

Nut and Satha don’t start off on the right foot, but the younger man doesn’t seem to leave Nut alone. Despite their bickering, Nut and Satha join the same school club, grow on each other, and unknowingly their feelings begin to become more transparent. However, a love story won’t be a love story without obstacles. The same goes for Nut and Satha’s love tale! They need to overcome the hindrances on the path to their joy and love. Although the journey won’t be an easy ride, Nut and Satah are set to find their happiness and won’t let the past destroy their present!

My Boy The series Where To Watch OnlineMy Boy The series Where To Watch Online
Nut and Satha

Although the plotline of My Boy the series is pretty cliche, online BL fans are ready to explore Nut and Satha’s little world, which is full of adventures and silly antics!

Where To Watch My Boy (2021) Thai Series Online?

Even after its completion, fans are looking for a way to watch My Boy the series online. My Boy (2021) Thai series is a LINE TV original, and thus you can watch it on LINE TV with English Subtitles. Either you can download the app or visit the official website of LINE TV. LINE TV is an online streaming platform like Rakuten Viki, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Therefore you need to subscribe to their service. Keep note that the subscription plan may vary according to different nations. Another point to be noted, LINE TV streaming may not be available in some regions. Thus, check the state of availability before purchasing a subscription plan.

Even if LINE TV is not an option for you, don’t worry because the series is also available on YouTube. You can find all 12 episodes of My Boy the series on the official YouTube channel of Jumdee Film Production with English Subtitles. So fans can watch the romantic youth My Boy (2021) BL series as per the available online streaming channel!

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