How To Watch ‘My Love Mix-Up’ Episodes Online? The Sweetest Japanese BL Drama!

The jdrama My Love Mix-Up has already concluded, but many want to watch its episodes online. After all, who can resist the sweetness of Kieta Hatsukoi? It’s because of the simple but heart-fluttering romance story and the beautiful chemistry between Michieda Shunsuke and Meguro Ren. This is a tale of two high school boys whose love life changes after an unexpected eraser incident. Not to forget, My Love Mix-Up is adapted from the manga of the same title by Hinekure Wataru. 

Kieta Hatsukoi, also known as My Love Mix-Up, is a Japanese BL youth rom-com written by Kuroiwa Tsutomu and directed by Kusano Shogo and Horai Tadaaki. It stars Michieda Shunsuke, Meguro Ren, Fukumoto Riko and Suzuki Jin. The drama was premiered on 9 October 2021 on TV Asahi and concluded on 18 December 2021 with 10 episodes.

Adapted from the manga, Kieta Hatsukoi will remind you of that unforgettable high school crush to whom you never confessed. A simple plotline would give you many butterflies in your stomach. Hence, many viewers want to know where to watch My Love Mix-Up jdrama episodes online! After all, it should be on your watchlist if you are a BL buff!

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Kieta Hatsukoi Cast

The Japanese BL My Love Mix-Up starred Michieda Shunsuke as Aoki Sota and Megura Ren as Ida Kousuke as the main leads. Both male leads make viewers’ hearts thump in beats with their calm and kind-hearted characters. No wonder fans are melting down seeing the dazzling chemistry between the leads, making them excited to watch My Love Mix-Up drama online!

Where To Watch Kieta Hatsukoi
My Love Mix-Up Cast

Besides the main leads, the supporting cast includes Fukumoto Riki as Hashimoto Mio, Suzuki Jin as Aida Hayato, Tanabe Seiichi as Taniguchi Masahiro, Mochizuki Ayumu as Toyoda Shun, and many more! Furthermore, Mitsuishi Kotono, Matsushita Yuki, Mayuyama Tomoni, Ohara Yuno, and Shirasu Jin make guest appearances in the Kieta Hatsukoi jdrama.

Plot – A Love Story That Begins With An Eraser

My Love Mix-Up is a sweet high school romantic tale of Sota Aoki and Kousuke Ida. The Japanese drama follows Soto Aoki, a high school boy who has a crush on his classmate Mio Hashimoto and wishes nothing but to confess his feelings to her. However, it seems something is holding him back. Despite not expressing his feelings, Aoki is pleased with being able to sit next to her and having a conversation without getting overwhelmed until one day.

Where To Watch My Love Mix-Up Episodes OnlineWhere To Watch My Love Mix-Up Episodes Online
Aoki and Hashimoto

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Every hope shatters when Aoki borrows Hashimoto’s eraser only to discover that she has written something on it or more specifically has written another boy’s name ‘Ida-kun.’ Besides, who would have thought Aoki’s life would upend after borrowing a simple eraser? But the misery doesn’t end here. Things turn for the worst when Aoki accidentally drops the eraser, which the very same Kousuke Ida picks up and hands it back to Aoki. However, seeing his name on the eraser, Ida suddenly begins to see Aoki in an entirely different light, assuming Aoki has a crush on him!

Now with Hashimoto wanting nothing more than a casual friendship and noticing Ida thinking he has a crush on him, Aoki is left in a mess of confusion. Therefore, Kieta Hatsukoi Japanese BL drama narrates a heart-thumping tale of Aoki and Ida, making you fall in love with the drama!

Where To Watch My Love Mix-Up Episodes OnlineWhere To Watch My Love Mix-Up Episodes Online
Ida and Aoki

Where To Watch My Love Mix-Up Episodes Online?

Even after its completion, many new fans are looking for a way to watch My Love Mix-Up episodes online. The jdrama was aired on TV Asahi. However, international fans don’t have to worry about streaming options. All 10 episodes of Kieta Hatsukoi are available on online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles. Netflix streaming will require you to purchase their subscription plan to watch the drama. Please note that the subscription plan may differ according to different countries. 

As for Rakuten Viki, viewers can watch Kieta Hatsukoi jdrama free without buying any subscription plan. However, Rakuten Viki streaming may not be available in some regions. So without further delay, watch the sweetest Japanese BL drama ‘My Love Mix-Up’ on the given online streaming platforms! 

Here, check out Kieta Hatsukoi trailer:

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