How To Watch Oh My Lord Episodes Online? The Historical Chinese Drama

For all the fans of Chinese dramas, here’s How to watch Oh My Lord episodes? The series is a historical romantic comedy that has taken over the hearts of the fans recently. It consists of the infamous enemies-to-lovers trope along with a dash of fake marriage. Moreover, there is a third party to spice things up in a love triangle! Chinese dramas are often light and fun to watch. The overall story is rather vanilla with not many plot twists. Despite this, the cute interactions and perfect romance between the two leads are an absolute treat to the eyes!

Before we tell you How to watch Oh My Lord episodes? we have to tell you about the strong visuals in the drama. Ji Mei Han (Love o Clock) and Luo Zheng (Nothing but you) star as the protagonists of the drama. The two also co-starred as the leads in the drama Make My Heart Smile. Despite being a drama set in the historical period of kings and queens, the series contains a lot of fluffy content that is sure to tickle your funny bones!

Oh My Lord Plot

The plot of the drama begins with Lord Qian. He is the city’s proper heartthrob owing to his highly handsome face and charming features. However, although he is flawless from the outside, he is rather cold and demanding when it comes to his personality. Despite this, he was known as the Handsome Face across the city of Fuxian. At the same time, as a royal, he never abandoned his responsibilities and attended to them diligently. When one such instability arises in his kingdom, he decides to take on the guise of a eunuch named Bai Li to investigate the case further.

Where to watch Oh My Lord Chinese drama?
Still from Oh My Lord

During this time, he encounters Chen You You. She is a happy-go-lucky girl with a simple dream and a carefree life. However, the same cannot be said about her strict family, who forced her into a marriage with Bai Li. The story then takes a deviation to focus on building the relationship between the two opposite personalities. Will they be successful in discovering the true feelings of love that are starting to spring between them? How will Chen You react when she finds out the truth about her fiancee’s identity? Find out How to watch Oh My Lord episodes? and add the drama to your watchlist right away!

Ji Mei Han and Luo Zheng have done their best to highlight the nitty-gritty of the tiring life at the palace. Bai Li represents a strong character who is loved by his people, so much that they look up to him. In contrast to this, Chen is a free-spirited young girl who is smart and independent. Their love story is sure to be interesting to watch!

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How To Watch Oh My Lord Episodes?

Oh My Lord comprises 15 episodes, each with a runtime of 30 minutes on an average. It is a rather short series with the story paced decently so that you can finish it in one sitting without feeling overwhelmed. Although, fans have complained about the drama’s basic and easily predictable story. The original television network of Oh My Lord is iQiyi Tv. As such, the drama can be found on their platform. You can directly reach the page by clicking right here. However, the platform offers only the first two episodes for free.

Oh My Lord chinese drama where to watchOh My Lord chinese drama where to watch
Oh My Lord

If you wish to watch the series further on their website, they require you to upgrade to a VIP member. Apart from this, it is also available to stream on the Chinese platform BiliBili TV. The show is a good watch when you are lazing around on a Sunday afternoon with a bucket of junk food as your only compliment. The light-hearted romance and carefree attitude of the series are sure to put you in a good mood! Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates on Chinese Dramas!

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