How To Watch ‘Screaming Class’ Japanese Movie Online?

Screaming Class Movie where to watch
Where To Watch Screaming Class Movie?

Due to the heavy plotline and outstanding cast performance, fans are looking for a way to watch Screaming Class Japanese movie online. After all, the film has excellently combined horror with the darker side of school violence and bullying. The story follows how a high school girl becomes a target of bullying. It eventually makes her walk down the path that she later regrets. Although the storyline may get predictable at one point, the cast did an excellent job delivering their characters flawlessly, especially Kawaguchi Haruna!

The Japanese film Screaming Class is a horror supernatural school movie. It is adapted from the manga titled Zekkyo Gakkyu by Emi Ishikawa. Meanwhile, the movie was written by Miura Yuiko and directed by Sato Tetsuya, starring Kawaguchi Haruna. Screaming Class was released on 14 June 2013. It runs for 77 minutes. Besides the horror part, the movie focuses on school violence and bullying. Also, there is a mention of sexual assault. Therefore, such a heavy plotline may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the way it is executed can give you goosebumps due to the well-written plot and outstanding acting performance by the cast members. Thus, for the fans who enjoy horror suspense films with a well-defined heavy storyline, Screaming Class Japanese movie is a perfect choice!

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Cast Of Screaming Class

Screaming Class is a Japanese horror supernatural school film narrating the tale of the high school girl Kana. The film starred Kawaguchi Haruna as Matsuoka Kana in the leading role. We also meet Hirose Alica as Takamizawa Rio, Matsuoka Mayu as Katori Erika, Kurihara Louis as Goto Akira, Haru as Makato Hosaka. Furthermore, the supporting cast members include Yamamoto Mizuki, Matsumoto Hana, Koyama Rina, Ikeda Elaiza, and Tomaru Sayaka.

Screaming Class Movie where to watchScreaming Class Movie where to watch
Screaming Class

The cast members did a great job presenting their characters perfectly, making this horror tale more worth your time. Kawaguchi Haruna, Hirose Alica, and Matsuoka Mayu are the charms of the film. Their performances are noteworthy. No wonder it’s a hidden gem and deserves to be on your watchlist!

Screaming Class Plot: Bullying Becomes Everyone’s Nightmare

The horror tale narrated in Screaming Class movie attracts online Japanese fans! The film follows the typical high school girl Kana. However, her ordinary days end when, one day, her photo is selected for a magazine. It brings her unwanted attention from popular student Rio. Even though she tries to ignore the attention, Kana eventually becomes the target of bullying by Rio and her friends.

Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating for years that a ghost exists in the old school. Unlike other evil spirits, this ghost is able to grand someone’s wish. But just like nothing is free in the world, the ghost also gets want it wants. Thus, it reveals that the spirit will snatch something important from the person who desires their wish to come true. The movie also discloses that the ghost is none other than a former student Yomi. Yomi died in an accident 12 years ago. However, there is a reason why her spirit is roaming inside the school.

Screaming Class Movie where to watchScreaming Class Movie where to watch
Screaming Class

After learning about the ghost’s rumors, Kana makes a decision. A series of horrors and nightmares begin as Kang decides to go to see Yomi. However, no one knows what she wished for. But the very next day, Kana becomes a member of Rio’s group, which leads to the downfall as Kana’s friend Erika becomes the next prey of bullying. Therefore, Screaming Class Japanese movie narrates the tale of Kana, who becomes everyone’s nightmare!

How To Watch Screaming Class Japanese Movie Online?

Although the horror supernatural Screaming Class Japanese movie was released in 2013, horror buffs are finding a way to watch it online. Nowadays, we can watch various Asian movies on different online streaming channels such as Rakuten Viki, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. However, sadly Screaming Class movie is not available on any online streaming channel yet. Since the film was released in 2013, it will take time before any OTT media service picks it up. After all, only popular and original series are available on online streaming media services. Therefore, fans will have to wait until Screaming Class Japanese movie streams on an online channel.

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