October 22, 2021

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I See You Ending Movie Explained: Who Was The Killer?

I see you ending explained

In this article, we talk about the I See you ending explained. Firstly, I See You, Adam Randall’s second feature film, debuted at the South by Southwest Film Festival. The Harpers, a troubled family, suffering from recent adultery, is played by Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, and Judah Lewis. While Greg is away, strange things begin to happen at the Harper household, putting the whole family in deadly peril. Todd Harper, Jackie Harper’s boyfriend, was murdered by a coffee cup thrown from her house’s attic. Her son Connor, she thinks, is responsible for the assault that killed him, although he was not there at the time.

The Harpers hide Connor in the woods to conceal the corpse of Jackie’s lover, leaving him alone in his room playing video games. When they return, they discover their kid has died and disposed of his corpse. Alec in I Sees You is played by Owen Teague, who you may recognize from the It movies. Mindy, played by Libe Barer, is accustomed to being a trigger, but she struggles to adapt and soon gets bored within the Harper house. The Harpers had several strange events, such as pictures falling out of their frames, cutlery vanishing, and the television turning on and off on its own.

I See You Ending Explained

Greg was the true murderer the whole time. Once and for all, he expelled his wife’s boyfriend. But things are going to become a lot worse… a lot worse. So Todd is no longer alive, and Greg and Jackie leave the home to conceal the corpse. Alec knocks Mindy unconscious by pushing her down the stairs about this time. Everything is heating up, so Alec decides to hide Mindy’s comatose corpse in Greg’s vehicle trunk. But before he can get into the driver’s seat and go, Greg arrives, sees Connor tied in the bathtub, and then gets in his vehicle and drives away, completely unaware of Mindy.

When Mindy wakes up in the trunk, she begins searching through a bag in the rear of the vehicle, and this is when she discovers a horrifying discovery. Inside, she discovers the clothing that Justin Whitter, the film’s missing kid, was believed to be wearing when he went missing. Mindy also discovers a collection of green pocket knives, confirming Greg’s identity as the child predator from years before.

I see you ending explained

I see you ending explained.

Alec wasn’t the killer, it was Greg.

Greg keeps Mindy inside the Harper home after discovering Greg is the child killer. Her stay is short. Despite her pleas for help, her screams go unanswered. Despite her desperate cries, Greg murders her. He then fires a second pistol at the wall behind him, and Mindy is shot in self-defense. After dealing with one invader, Greg goes to another part of the house to deal with Alec. Hearing gunshots, Alec cautiously leaves the garage.

When he discovers Mindy’s body, he prepares to axe Greg. Tensed, Greg disarms Alec, and the two struggle until Greg knocks Alec unconscious with a fireplace poker. After knocking his opponent out, Greg grabs a knife from the kitchen and stabs himself, claiming self-defense. However, Alec rises and admits to taking Greg’s handgun during their battle. Despite the cop’s best efforts, Alec kills Greg. Sadly for Alec, the police arrive just in time to see him standing over a fallen officer’s corpse. As a result, he is shot, although not fatally.

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Plot twists in I see you further analyzed

I See You’s best reveal involves the two main characters’ relationship with so many plot twists. Alec’s animosity against the Harpers is apparent throughout the film. Though it seems random at first, Alec’s anger is justified. In fact, Alec’s hatred for the Harpers dates back to his birth. Despite having killed numerous children in the years before the film’s release, two escaped. One survivor was seen earlier in the movie, but the other’s whereabouts were unknown. But subsequently, it was discovered that the second child who ran away was Alec.

A flashback shows a young Alec and another child meeting Greg, reinforcing this point. Just before their abduction, Greg hands the guys a green pocket knife. When Alec was inside the Harper house, he kept thinking about revenge. Alec’s secret past with Greg cemented his hatred for the Harpers and his resolve to destroy them. Jackie and Connor are relegated to minor parts in the second half of the film. Afraid when she finds Connor tied in the toilet, his mother takes him to the hospital, where they stay off-screen.

I see you ending explainedI see you ending explained

I see you ending explained.

In the end…

A few minutes after Greg’s murder, Connor and Jackie appear briefly in the video, soon after the cops had surrounded their home. Despite Connor and Jackie’s apparent confusion, we learn nothing about their reactions, emotions, or future plans. Jackie and her kid don’t know anything about Greg’s crimes or Mindy and Alec. They just know Greg is dead, and an invader has been lurking about their house. The video finishes with them seeing a police vehicle and an ambulance pull up outside their home with Alec on a stretcher.

Though the couple is unaware of what occurred in their home, they will soon learn. Just before Alec is taken to the ambulance, the police are seen closing down on Greg’s trailer. They’ll find (and, perhaps, rescue) the youngsters he abducted inside. Along with the kids, Greg’s luggage is packed with incriminating evidence, ensuring his dark secrets are ultimately exposed.

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