I Tried Summoning a Servant at Fate/Grand Order’s AnimeJapan Booth

Even after three years without a physical event, FGO got a booth to itself at AnimeJapan

Even after three years without a physical event, some things at AnimeJapan don’t change. Fate/Grand Order had a massive booth just for itself at this year’s event, and this time it was offering a unique experience to visitors: you could roll the gacha (just once!) to summon a Servant to take a photo with.

Participants receive both a polaroid and a download link to their photo. For reference, here was mine (edited a bit for privacy):

The booth was also holding cosplay shoots throughout the day, which was very popular as usual.

On the other hand, the booth did show off some new things to close the three-year gap. Firstly, there was a mini-exhibit of key animation frames from recent FGO animation projects, including the ads, the Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon film, and the Fate/Grand Carnival spinoff comedy.

The newest Servants also got life-sized stands. Artoria Caster, arguably the most popular new summon, had her staff recreated on the show floor.

AnimeJapan’s public days were held on Saturday and Sunday.

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