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Iconic Kakashi Hatake Moments In Naruto Shippuden: Six Times Kakashi Earned Fan’s Respect

Iconic Kakashi Hatake Moments In Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is an anime that is famous for its epic storyline and breathtaking characters. Each and every character in Naruto tried to bring some change in the world and left a long-lasting impact on the storyline. The characters have their own reasons to exist and become shinobis. Even villains tried to bring change in the world as well. In this blog, we will talk about one of the most important and smart characters of the anime, aka Kakashi, the copy ninja. He mastered more than 1000 Jutsus and was the first non-Uchiha with the Sharingan. We have a lot of things to talk about him as we look into the most iconic moments by Kakashi Hatake on Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Pierrot Studios. The story revolves around the main protagonist of the show Uzumaki Naruto who got alienated by the Hidden Leaf village because of the Nine-Tailed Fox that was sealed inside him. He got too much hate and ignorance from the village and was even declared a threat to the Konoha by the villagers themselves. Even after getting so much hate and ignorance, he decided to change his fate and become Hokage of the village someday. This is where the story of the great Naruto Uzumaki begins.

Here are some of the Iconic Moments of Hatake Kakashi, The Copy Ninja:

1. Kakashi’s Activation Of Mangekyou Sharingan

We know that Kakashi is the first one who had Sharingan without being an Uchiha. He even unlocked some of the minor powers of Sharingan but couldn’t withstand before the real users of Sharingan. He even gets beaten terribly by Itachi Uchiha. But in the finale of the fourth great ninja war, Kakashi shocked the whole Naruto universe by forming the Susanoo. He formed the most powerful Susanoo ever and cornered Kaguya with Team 7. This is by far one of the most iconic moments of Kakashi Hatake.

Iconic Kakashi Hatake Moments In Naruto Shippuden

2. Kakashi’s Sacrificed His Life For The Sake Of Konoha

Pain was a nightmare of Konoha, and no shinobi could withstand him. Pain, along with his Six Paths, cornered each shinobi in the village. Kakashi Hatake gave a tough fight to Pain and even earned respect from him but sadly got terribly beaten by him. His father appeared in his consciousness and talked to him about life. After getting defeated by Naruto, Nagato finally understood that what he was doing was totally wrong and revived everyone, including Kakashi.

Kakashi with his father

3. Kakashi Became The Sixth Hokage Of The Konohagakure

Kakashi never wanted to become Hokage of the village and always wanted to live an easy life. But due to his immense smartness and talent, he was entitled to the biggest title of the village and finally became Sixth Hokage of the Leaf Village. Even Obito wanted him to become the Hokage of the village. This moment was really unexpected but seeing him becoming Hokage and reliving the dream of Obito feels warm in our hearts.

Kakashi as Hokage

4. Kakashi Battled His Student To Save Another Student

After killing Itachi and knowing about his truth, Sasuke decided to avenge his brother and destroy Konoha for taking him granted. He severed all of his bonds with Team 7. Every shinobi of Konoha was his enemy. Sasuke finally confronts Team 7. Sakura tried to go near Sasuke, but he attacked her mercilessly. Thanks to Naruto, he saved her, and Kakashi took charge from here. Kakashi finally fought Sasuke to save his other students from him. Due to the damaged eye, Sasuke couldn’t fight long and immediately escaped with Obito.

Iconic Moments of Kakashi HatakeIconic Moments of Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi fighting Sasuke

5. Kakashi Showed That He Could Perform Rasengan

Rasengan is one of the most devastating Jutsu developed by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. We saw this Jutsu first used by Jiraya, and later, Naruto learned this with intense training. We didn’t expect this jutsu from Kakashi, but Kakashi surprised us all. He showed everyone that he was capable of performing even this jutsu. Currently, Rasengan is the signature Ninjutsu of Naruto Uzumaki and his son, Boruto Uzumaki. Konohamaru can also use Rasengan as Naruto was his teacher.

Iconic Kakashi Hatake Moments In Naruto ShippudenIconic Kakashi Hatake Moments In Naruto Shippuden
Kakashi Rasengan

6. Kakashi Helped Naruto To Land Rasengan On Obito

At the time of the great ninja war, no one knew how to tackle Obito as he could travel to a different dimension. Finally, Kakashi unveils the secret of Obito and woven a secret plan to corner him. He knew that their dimensions were connected by their Sharingan.

Kakashi vs Obito

He told Naruto to try one last time, and when Naruto reached near to Obito, he used his Sharingan to connect the dimension, and this is how Naruto landed a clean Rasengan on Obito’s face.

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