In Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10: Nicky Plots Against Russell Tan

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10
Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10 will see the fallout from the battle between Russell Tan and Nicky. She must figure out what she’s going to do. The last episode was chock-full of cloak and dagger. But what is coming next? In this David Madden and Martin Gero’s revision of the 1972 classic TV series, the thrill goes on!

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with this Kung Fu series. In that case, The series is set in the current day and follows a young Chinese American lady whose personal troubles drive her to drop out of college and embark on a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China. When she returns to America three years later, She begins to use her martial arts skills and Shaolin values to protect her community.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Mia struggles with her unexpected fate as Nicky attempts to prevent Russell Tan from striking the bell and destroying San Francisco. A startling climax might forever alter the Kung Fu universe – but which character’s life is in jeopardy? Continue reading to discover what happens as the Shen family infiltrates “The Enclave”!

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10
Kee Chan as Russell Tan

Tan tells Juliette that he won’t be able to enter the Inner Sanctum until he passes a series of exams, so he requests Fitz’s manuscript. Juliette tests Tan on his book answers so he may wow at the private event that will confirm his admission. Tan, however, is unaware that the white elite has no intention of admitting him to the Inner Sanctum. In China, they merely wanted his concessions. They begin the initiation expecting him to fail because none of them provided him with the answers he needed to be inducted, but the book provided him with the insights he needed to pass. They reluctantly let him in.

Think, Thank & Act Fast

In a compelling moment that may have fans thinking, “Did I just agree with the man who wants to demolish San Francisco?” Tan later refuses to return the mallet. He correctly points out that this old Chinese item should never have ended up in the hands of a group of wealthy white guys, to begin with. Tan has dispatched his private security team to all of the members’ residences and is ready to strike. If any Inner Sanctum members try to stop him, he will expose Fitz to the world. The villain is triumphant until Nicky and Henry intervene.

Mei-Li is immediately on board with Althea’s plan to have Harmony Dumplings cater the event as their way into the gala. Still, she is taken aback when the director of the cuisine in charge of vetting the caterers turns out to be Roy Lorenzo, a well-known food writer.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10
What will go down in the next episode?

Heartfelt Moment

Meanwhile, Henry and Jin enjoy a heartfelt moment as Jin recounts how he emigrated to the United States and was forced to abandon his dream of being an artist. This endeavor is allowing him to rediscover his talents. A humorous montage of Mei-Li and Jin working on their respective projects is shown.

Roy arrives early, causing Althea to stall and Mei-Li to fear. But all his worries are for naught because he adores Mei-food. Li Jin and Henry approach Victor for assistance in obtaining the rare silk required for reproduction. Jin asks Victor gently if they can borrow the fabric from a family treasure, admitting that doing so will ruin the relic. Victor has faith in Jin, so he hands it off.

Kung Fu Season 2 Trailer

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date

On The CW, Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10 will release on May 18, 2022, at 21:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States. Firstly, the upcoming episode’s title is “Destruction,” the script was penned by Ed Spielman and Christina M. Kim. Lastly, every episode lasts around 45 minutes.

Where To Watch Kung Fu?

The show airs on Wednesdays at 21:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States, on The CW. If you wish to watch Kung Fu, you can stream it from Fubo TV, HBO Max, The CW, and Spectrum on Demand. Also, you can buy the episodes from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Vudu Fandango.

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