In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8: Recap, Time, Date & Spoilers

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 will see Murphy and her group taking a backseat from all the chase and looking for Jess. There have been many downfalls recently on the show. Let it be when it comes to looking for Jess or personal relationships. Felix on his side was completely sure it’s Josiah who is behind the kidnapping of Jess. So it was high time they interrogate him. But Josiah himself was on the run from someone. Anyway, so Murphy brought Trey in and decided they will knock on Josiah’s door for sure.

So, Murphy and the group did reach Josiah but failed to receive any information about Jess. Josiah actually doesn’t know about her and with him being on run saw his family in danger. Josiah’s wife was killed and Josiah hopes he can take his kids somewhere safe. Now the coming episode may see Murphy’s group laying low as Gene is now chief of detecitves. He is coming from them. The problem is that they are laying low at Felix’s sister Leslie. One of her guns was found in the hands of a Mexican gangster who came to kill Josiah. What does this mean? Let’s find

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Previously in In The Dark Season 3, we opened up with a man from Mexico looking for Josiah. Until it’s cut to Felix looking for Jess who is now taken away. He suspects it’s Josiah who took her. As Felix and Murphy, Josiah informs his wife about people wanting to kill him. Felix believes going back to the border is the only solution and probably where they might find Jess. So they decide to lay low at Felix’s sister but meet Max as well who has been staying there for a while. Meanwhile, Gene sees himself becoming a hero as well as chief of detectives when another cop supports his story.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8

From In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7 Featuring Gene and his Squad

An unexpected response from Jess comes through a call to Murphy. Now there is hope. With Gene becoming chief of detectives, he is looking forward to putting the chief behind the bars and recruits Sarah for help. They make sure to pull their moves to arrest him. Felix and Murphy have invited Trey to track down Jess. Trey reconnects with Murphy before he, Murphy, and Max approach Josiah’s home to meet his family. Murphy breaks many truth bombs on Josiah’s husband as they interrogate her for a location.

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Murphy and Trey try mild torture to Josiah’s wife until Josiah himself interrupts. Josiah denies knowing anything about Jess. Suddenly a gang surrounds everyone after killing Josiah’s wife. The gang wants Josiah’s kids too but Max manages to help the kids escape. At the same time, Josiah takes each member of the gang down. Felix’s sister gun is seen in the hands of one of the gang members. For saving his kids, Josiah thanks Murphy, Trey, and Max but he really doesn’t know a thing about Jess.

Ending For In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7Ending For In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7

From In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7 Featuring Murphy, Trey and Josiah’s wife

Gene and Sarah’s team start their hunt for Murphy but instead get information on Jess’s location. Leslie at the same time receives the same information and tells Felix. The race against time begins and Felix does get the hotel before the cops. Only to find out it’s not Jess and someone else carrying her passport. Murphy on the other hand closes the episode figuring out that they have to look for Jennifer Walker in order to get to Jess.

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 is releasing on August 25, 2021, and will air on The CW at 9.00 PM ET. We are expecting the third season to have 13 episodes much like the previous episodes even though nothing is confirmed yet. So expect a new episode every Wednesday following the eighth for the third season of In The Dark. You can also watch In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 on The Official CW App and video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, VUDU, and Microsoft.

In The Dark Season 3 Episode, 8 is titled, “Power Trip”. The official promo of the episode sees Murphy and her friends hanging back for a while due to the snowstorm. This turns into quite an awkward evening with everyone spending the night together like never before.

Check out the official promo for In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 along with the breakdown below.

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