Indiana Jones 5’s Mads Mikkelsen Breaks Down His Nazi Villain


Actor Mads Mikkelsen recently teased his character’s villainous intentions for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mikkelsen gave fans a preview of his role as former Nazi-turned-NASA scientist Jürgen Voller who takes on Harrison Ford’s world-renowned archeologist for the mysterious dial. Surprisingly, however, Mikkelsen’s role differs from past Nazi-related Indy villains by making plans that could undo the mistakes of Adolf Hitler. “Well, if you’re a believer into a certain ideology, obviously, your end game would be that that ideology will be the winning hand, right? And that can come in many shapes and forms,” Mikkelsen explained. “I do think that he disagreed with Hitler on a lot of things. And [his ideas] might even be a better version than Hitler’s, but still, one man deciding everything is never a good solution.”


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Who Is Indiana Jones 5’s Jürgen Voller?

Mikkelsen revealed that the character of Voller will be established in Dial of Destiny‘s opening set in the 1940s when “he’s a man who is very, very passionate about his job, the science of what he’s doing, and less so with the ideology of what he’s doing.” Additionally, his journey has a unique parallel with Indy as both men begin as ambitious dreamers in their youth. But come the 1960s when Dial of Destiny is primarily set, they find themselves mentally stuck in the past while maintaining “the passion for that one single goal in life.”

Co-written and directed by James Mangold, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be the final installment of the popular action-adventure franchise. Set in 1969 during the Space Race, an aging Indy teams up with his goddaughter Helena Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) on one last adventure to stop Voller from getting his hands on the dial. While the speculation that the dial is tied to time travel has not been confirmed by Lucasfilm, Mikkelsen hints that Voller’s intentions with the dial could change the world for the better.

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“I think the passion for what he does and passion for what he’s looking for, without giving too much away, and the passion for him knowing that this can make the world a better place — all that I can identify with,” Mikkelsen said. “[But] what does a better place look like? This is where it gets tricky. So I just have to leave that out, and then I can replace the end goal with something else [in my mind]. And then it’s recognizable, for me at least.”

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is set to hit theaters on June 30.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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