Inside and Limbo Fans Should Keep an Eye on Cocoon


Cocoon is a new game from the mind behind Inside and Limbo. The trailer promises more macabre mysteries with deeper gameplay than the previous games.

Limbo and Inside are two of the greatest indie games available. Limbo, in particular, is one of the games that started the indie game renaissance of the 2010s. Both of these games have had a lasting influence on the gaming industry, and there have been several games that have been inspired by them. The lead gameplay designer of these games, Jeppe Carlsen, is now working on a new game called Cocoon. The trailer released during Microsoft and Bethesda’s Game Showcase earlier this year proves that fans of Limbo and Inside will be right at home with Cocoon.

The game is also coming from Annapurna, which has created some of the most unique, enjoyable, and deepest games of the last decade. With Carlsen working with a studio like Annapurna, the result will surely be something that is interesting, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available about the game outside the trailer that was shown during the game showcase. Despite this, there is still a lot that fans can glean from that one trailer, and it promises to be a compelling and fun indie puzzle game.

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Cocoon’s Trailer Promises World-Leaping Fun

Cocoon‘s trailer gives fans a good look at its gameplay, but still leaves a lot of mystery for fans to discover on their own. From the beginning, the trailer sucks players in with numerous questions to be answered. It begins with a light descending from the sky, striking a cocoon and awakening a bug-like creature from slumber. The creature begins moving large orbs on its back to solve puzzles, and it eventually leaps into one of the orbs, revealing a new world full of puzzles. Annapurna’s website states that leaping into new worlds through the orbs will be a major mechanic and means to solve puzzles.

Based on the little information from the trailer, Cocoon has a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics, and the story will likely be equally compelling. Jumping into other worlds to solve puzzles in the original world is an innovative puzzle concept that few games have attempted. There are other puzzle mechanics based around the orbs, like certain platforms that only appear based on which orb the player currently has. This opens up even more gameplay opportunities. The imagery shown in the trailer also hints at a larger and darker story at play.

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Like Limbo and Inside, Cocoon seems to be taking advantage of the same minimalist style that made those games stand out. Limbo and Inside are games with simple controls to complement their simple environment, world, and lore. This doesn’t detract from the games, however. Instead, both titles use their simplistic designs to provide games that are easy to pick up and play but stay lingering in the minds of players. Cocoon seems to be following in the footsteps of those games by also taking a simplistic approach.

In terms of gameplay, Cocoon seems to have the most variety compared to Carlsen’s previous games, but the world maintains its simple, minimalist approach. This will likely mean the puzzle gameplay can eventually add new layers to the challenge. The world, while simplistic on its surface, keeps players interested in the mystery of the world. Fans of both Inside and Limbo will surely find something to love in Cocoon. The imagery in the trailer is subtly macabre in a way that instantly piques players’ interests, and the gameplay looks like some of the best to come from Carlsen. It will certainly be an interesting gaming experience, and fans should definitely keep their eye on it.


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