Inside Job & 9 Other Netflix Animations That Were Canceled Too Soon

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While Netflix earned a great reputation for animated series with shows like BoJack Horseman, F Is for Family, and Big Mouth, it seems that the streaming site is running out of steam. In the last year, Netflix has canceled at least a dozen of its animated series.

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It’s understandable when networks cancel shows that aren’t getting too many views, but Netflix is canceling shows that had become fan favorites, like Inside Job and Tuca & Bertie. On top of that, the streaming service has also canceled projects that were in the middle of production. As a result, Netflix has canceled far too many animated projects way too soon.

10 Inside Job Was Canceled After Much Positive Feedback

One of the best Netflix originals to date, Inside Job occurs in a world where many conspiracy theories are real, such as the Illuminati, the Reptoids, and the Atlantians. The show centers on a government organization that shares control of the world with other powerful institutions, called Cognito, Inc.

Inside Job got a lot of positive reviews for its interesting and unique premise, hilarious sense of humor, and for discussing many relevant and current political issues. Sadly, even though Netflix had already confirmed a second season for the show, the network recently announced its early cancelation.

9 Bad Crimes Was Canceled Before It Could Become A Series

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Created by Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, who are better known for their work on the fan-favorite animated sitcom King of the Hills, Bad Crimes was canceled mid-production. The show involved talented voices such as Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus, and it was going follow the friendship of two FBI agents as they struggle with their life decisions.

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Unfortunately, Bad Crimes suffered the same destiny as many Netflix animated series in the last year. Hopefully, this amazing project will see the light of day with another network, since creators are already trying to get the project bought by another company (via Variety).

8 Tuca & Bertie Only Lasted One Season

One of the best animated sitcoms, Tuca & Bertie focuses on the lives of two anthropomorphized birds who live together. The show’s hilarious writing was made even better by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong’s talented voices, but it also had very heartwarming moments.

Despite all the praise Tuca & Bertie received, Netflix decided to cancel it after only one season. Fortunately, Adult Swim created two more seasons, but it still wasn’t enough for one of the few female-centric TV shows out there, and it should have lasted a lot longer.

7 City Of Ghosts Was Quietly Abandoned By Netflix

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Winner of the Peabody Award, City of Ghosts is an animated mockumentary series that follows a group of children in LA who track down stories around the city by communicating with ghosts. City of Ghosts was praised for its wholesome narrative, excellent sense of humor, and relevant topics such as discrimination and gentrification.

City of Ghosts was enjoyable for both children and adults, which made it a perfect watch for families. Unfortunately, after only six episodes, it seems that the show has been canceled as it hasn’t aired any episodes since early 2021. While Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement, the show clearly won’t get any more episodes.

6 Wings Of Fire Adapted The Books Of The Same Name

Netflix was planning to release a fantasy animated series based on the New York Times bestseller books Wings of Fire, written by Tui T. Sutherland. These epic fantasy books about dragons have become fan favorites, with more than 14 million copies sold.

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The project was first announced on April 2021 and completely hyped up the fans, but in May 2022, Netflix announced that because of its current financial situation, it wouldn’t proceed with Wings of Fire. Unfortunately, this has been the fate of a significant number of projects, even though they had plenty of potential.

5 The Midnight Gospel Told A Unique Story With An Interesting Aesthetic

One of the best adult animated series, The Midnight Gospel was created by comedian Duncan Trussell and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. The series is an interesting mix between science fiction and a podcast series, making an imaginative universe inspired by Trussell’s Podcast, The Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour.

The main character, Clancy Gilroy, visits different planets through a simulator to obtain resources and interviews the people in each location. The Midnight Gospel depicts a surrealist and bizarre aesthetic with dark humor and interesting insight into many topics, such as death, drug use, and spiritualism. However, as engaging as the show was, Trussell announced in a Tweet that Netflix had canceled it after only one season.

4 Fans Thought Bone Was Finally Going To Be Adapted

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One of the most awaited graphic novel adaptations, Bone was going to be finally translated to the animated medium by Netflix. The comics follow three characters who are cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone, as they journey through the Valley and try to defeat the Lord of the Locusts.

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In the past, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. have attempted to adapt Bone, but fans of the comics thought Netflix could make it work since Jeff Smith was already on board with the project (via What’s On Netflix). However, Bone got shelved along with many other Netflix projects that were already in the works.

3 Q-Force Was Canceled Before The Characters Could Become More Complex

One of the few LGBTQ+ representations in television, Q-Force follows Steve Maryweather, better known as Agent Mary, and a group of LGBTQ+ spies who want to prove themselves to their agency. However, to achieve this, they need to add a heterosexual man to their group.

While Q-Force received very mixed reviews, mostly because of its stereotypical representations of the LGBTQ+ community, many fans hoped that the character development would improve in later seasons. However, Netflix canceled the show too soon to know how Q-Force would have progressed.

2 The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Was An Amazing Prequel To The 1982 Film

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a fantasy series that works as a prequel to the 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. Set on the fictional planet of Thra, the show centers around three Gelflings as they try to defeat the villain Skeksis and save their planet.

Just like the original film, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was created through puppets, which gave it a unique and nostalgic aesthetic. On top of that, it was praised for incorporating interesting lore, creating an epic narrative, and making a wholesome story. Still, like most of Netflix’s animated series, it was canceled after only one season.

1 Dead End: Paranormal Park Was The Best Coming Of Age Story On Netflix

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Based on the graphic novel DeadEndia, Dead End follows the life of Barney Guttman. After being rejected by his grandmother because of his gender expression, Barney moves to the Haunted House attraction with his dog Pugsley. Soon, he meets Norma, a Pakistani-America girl with autism, and Courtney, a demon who works for Telemachus.

The TV show was especially praised for its amazing representation of the LGBTQ+ community, POC characters, and mental health. However, after receiving two seasons in the same year, fans had to face the news that Netflix won’t release another season for this amazing series.

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