Invincible Announces Season 2 Release Window With a Tasty Scene

invincible season 2

Prime Video debuts the first teaser for Invincible Season 2, featuring Steven Yeun’s Mark Grayson and Seth Rogen’s Allen the Alien.

Prime Video teases the release of Invincible Season 2 with a conversation between Steven Yeun’s Invincible and Seth Rogen’s Allen the Alien.

The video sees the titular superhero Mark Grayson (Yeun) and Allen the Alien in Burger Mart as the two discuss what can be expected from the Prime Video series’ next season. Along with Allen’s dislike for pickles, the conversation revolves around the search for Urath and Grayson’s “busy schedule” in preparing for Season 2. According to Grayson, this includes “writing, designing, storyboarding, voice acting, key-posing, in-betweening, cleaning up, color slapping, comping the whole thing and all that for roughly thousands of shots.” The scene also reveals that Season 2 of Invincible will release sometime in late 2023.

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Based on the comic books created by writer Robert Kirkman and artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, Invincible follows Mark Grayson, a teenager whose father happens to be Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero in the world, voiced by JK Simmons. After developing powers of his own, he embarks on a quest to find his own brand of heroism before ultimately discovering that Earth’s greatest threat was much closer to home than he initially believed. Following their violent battle at the end of Season 1, his Viltrumite father flees from Earth.

Not So Invincible

Having been warned of the dangers Viltrum poses to Earth, Invincible agrees to prepare for war as Allen the Alien encourages him to rally the planet’s heroes if they want to stand a chance against the powerful war-mongering species. Beyond this, a new enemy also rises in the form of Angstrom Levy, a villain who is able to open portals to alternate dimensions.

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While the specific plot details around Invincible Season 2 are still largely a mystery, many fans are excited to see Mark potentially go up against one of his archnemeses: Angstrom Levy. In the source material, little is known about the villain’s origin but his introduction sees him teaming up with the Mauler Twins while attempting to absorb the memories and experiences of his multiversal variants in a bid to become a powerful, all-knowing threat. Invincible ultimately foils his plans, prompting Levy to swear vengeance against Mark and his family.

Invincible Season 1 managed to impress both fans of the comics and critics, many of whom praised the show for making some significant changes to the source material. Kirkman explained this was intentional as he wanted to maintain the element of surprise the franchise is known for. “I’m always acutely aware of the fact that one of the appeals of this comic is how frequently unexpected things happen. I want to try and maintain that as much as I can for the audience that has read the comic and is now watching the show,” the creator explained.

Invincible Season 2 hits Prime Video in 2023.

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