Is Killing Stalking A Horror And Not A Romance?

Killing Stalking has become quite a controversy among manhwa/webtoon readers. The Korean manhwa Killing Stalking, written and illustrated by Koogi, has set an achievement – won the 100,000,000 won Grand Prize Award at the second Lezhin World Comics contest. As readers are already aware, the Killing Stalking manga is of psychological, mature, drama, webtoon, yaoi, and HORROR genre. Yes, that’s right. The Killing Stalking is a horror and not a romance manhwa. No ghosts and souls, though.

According to the author, the “-ing” in the words’ killing’ and ‘stalking’ signifies the story’s progressive nature. Yoon Bum’s behavior may be seen as progressive in that he repeats his actions from the past. This also means that Sangwoo is forced to repeat the past in his way as well. Killing Stalking has been the most controversial manhwa, for readers have different views to give. This manhwa has been able to grab the attention of many readers in all directions. That being said, there have been mentions of abuse, murder, and rape throughout the manhwa so read at your own discretion.

About Killing Stalking

The Korean manhwa, created and artwork by Koogi, has become sensational ever since its first release. Many manhwa readers enjoy romance, and not many enjoy reading horror. With that being said, people who are able to read the manhwa only for fun should read it. While it is good for people to be brave and all, never underestimate a manhwa that can affect you psychologically. Killing Stalking is just the right manhwa to be used as an example.

Killing Stalking is horror and not romance?
One of the female victims of Oh Sangwoo

The story revolves around Yoon Bum, who is in his late twenties. He is infatuated with Oh Sangwoo, who saved him from being raped while they were serving in the military. He was genuinely kind of a stalker as he entered Sangwoo’s house with the trial-and-error method. Bum was able to decode the passcode of Sangwoo’s house. He broke into his house only to be unable to come out of it ever.

After Sangwoo trapped Bum in his house, Bum was abused, manipulated, hanged, drowned, raped, and was almost killed. As both were unable to leave the other, Sangwoo and Bum lived their unhealthy lifestyle together.

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Is Killing Stalking A Horror And Not A Romance?

Can we skip the romance part? Because the romance category shouldn’t be counted in, in this manhwa. Killing Stalking may have moments that may seem sweet while reading it. But while looking from an outsider’s perspective, Bum having feelings for his abuser can no less than be called Trauma Bonding.

Trauma Bonding is a form of psychological response, where the victim forms an unhealthy bond with their abusers, and Bum has basically been doing that. Even though at first he was infatuated with Sangwoo, Bum, after knowing the true nature of Sangwoo, couldn’t help but like him again. Bum was raped, abused, kicked, drowned, forced, and he still responded in a way that may seem unreal. Well, there are people who actually bond with their abuser, so no lashing out at Bum, please.

Killing Stalking is horror and not romance?Killing Stalking is horror and not romance?
Yoon Bum forced to cook by Oh Sangwoo

Sangwoo, on the other hand, has been traumatized by his mother, Eunseo, forever. He has been, for quite some time, killing people by manipulating them and trapping them in his house. He brings them in, makes out with them, all females, and ties them up in the basement buck naked and kills them. He shows no mercy to his victims. He tried to kill Bum several times as well. If not for Seungbae, Bum would have been a goner way sooner. Seungbae is the police investigator and an enemy to Sangwoo. He is also the tritagonist of Killing Stalking.

In the end, Sangwoo met a tragic end, and Bum was saved. Bum, unable to hold himself from not meeting Sangwoo for days, and went on to check him in the hospital. He was told that Sangwoo died and Bum came out with Sangwoo’s ashes. While coming out, he met some old ladies. Among them, one spoke about how she choked Sangwoo with a pillow as he continuously kept calling ‘Bum. Bum.’

If you are interested in sad stories with horrifying scenes, then feel free to read the comic at Lezhin.

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