Is Tower of God Webtoon Over? (Article Ready)

While South Korean music and dramas have taken over the world only recently, the same does not apply to the peninsular country’s comic industry. Korean webtoons, also known as manhwas, have excited people in all age groups across the world for time immemorial. If not as popular as Japanese manga, manhwas have certainly created a league of their own. Now, within this said league, Tower of God is certainly one of the most easily recognizable names. However, the webtoon’s indefinite hiatus for a while now has desperate fans asking just one question – Is Tower of God Webtoon Over? Let’s analyze what we know so far.

Tower of God is a Korean manhwa series that was created by the famous artist SIU. It is a story whose plot is defined as a Talse Uzer Story. The main characteristic of these stories is that they are based in a universe called Talse Uzer. Rules in this universe are distinctly different from what we have in ours. Here, the past cannot change, and the future is definitely set.

Tower of God is mainly the story of a young boy who chases a girl in her desperate attempts to climb a tower. But it is not as simple as it seems here. All his life, Baam has only cared about one girl – Rachel. He wants to continue living his life with her. However, one day, Rachel decides to climb the Tower. Now, Baam decides to go after her. But it is not an ordinary Tower. He must play games and solve puzzles to move to the next level. And he is already far behind Rachel, who started much before him.

Is Tower of God Webtoon Over?

Baam in Tower of God

Is Tower of God Webtoon Over?

Tower of God Webtoon is far from being finished yet! Tower of God has been around as a Korean manhwa since 2010. It was published by Naver Webtoon. English translations of the manhwa have been available since 2014. Tower of God Chapter 485 was released on 29th June 2020. Since then, fans across the world have been waiting for Chapter 486. Post that update, the webtoon went on an indefinite hiatus. The main cause of this hiatus was SIU’s deteriorating health condition. However, in May 2021, almost 11 months of a break later, the webtoon updated Chapter 486 on Naver. As of 10th August 2021, Tower of God Chapter 503 has been released. The English version of the latest chapter is still unavailable but will be released soon. Worry not, for the Tower of God Webtoon is far from being finished yet!

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Tower of God Chapter 503: Highlights

Interestingly, in this chapter, we see Hockney and Rak outsmarting the Crab. They made him believe that they purchased the triangle symbol coins with their points. And hence they were going only for the fishes which had the symbol. This made the Crab expose his power – crab bubbles and trapping the bluefish with triangle symbols. Later, Hockney and Rak told the Crab that, in reality, they hadn’t spent their points on anything at all. After fooling the Crab, they used 50 points to make a purchase for 20 triangle coins.

Tower of God Chapter 503 Read Online FreeTower of God Chapter 503 Read Online Free

Tower of God

In the meantime, Yama has a flashback about his father. He also tells Doom that he feels stronger because of the whole that Doom punched through his heart. The chapter finally comes to an end, with the focus being shifted to White and Baam. White is frustrated after having received no response. He is growing desperate. He exclaims that he cannot wait to see a noble being just like his father falling corrupt. The announcer states that the jump will begin shortly. The clock has only 10 seconds to go! The chapter ends with Baam exclaiming – He is coming. 

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Tower of God Chapter 504: Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 504 will be released on 17th August 2021. You can watch it on Naver and Webtoon. The English translations will be available about 14 hours after the Korean version of the manhwa is released. Make sure you continue reading the upcoming chapters in order to keep up with the thickening storyline. And, we would like to emphasize this yet again – Tower of God is not finished. You can still enjoy new chapters every week. And, given the long hiatus of the webtoon last year, it can be confirmed that SIU won’t be taking another break anytime soon!

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