It’s Beautiful Now Episode 18 Release Date:

Why is the population of good guys so infinitesimal? It is just insanely unfair. The thought of even meeting a sweet guy seems more impossible than living on the moon. Oh to be happy and in love. It’s Beautiful Now Episode 18 makes a person feel so bereft of all the warmth and love one feels in a relationship.

It’s Beautiful Now Ep 18 touches on a sensitive topic. What will happen when I get married? A genuine concern not only mothers feel but also young adults. With everything happening in the world, marriage has become such an unpopular factor in the lives of many. In the Korean television series, that is the basic problem. Three sons are obliged to find a wife soon as they reach a critical age.

An age where a person should already be married. Unfortunately for the brothers to now instead of focusing on their careers, they have to spend time hunting for a forever partner. ‘Till death do us part. That’s a serious kind of forever.

Who Is the Cast of ‘It’s Beautiful Now’?

Oh, Min Suk, Shin Dong Mi, Yoon Shi Yoon, Bae Da Bin, Seo Bum June, and Choi Ye Bin are starred in the main cast of the show. The cast is so eccentric and perfectly fitting for their designated roles that it’s just baffling. Fans and viewers of the drama are infatuated with the cast to the extent of waiting for the release of the new episodes.

Even directors and producers of It’s Beautiful Now Ep 18 were shocked by the reactions towards the show. The cast made the drama feel like a comfort series. Like when someone’s feeling under the weather or feeling like they want to bawl their eyes out, they come home and open a bucket of ice cream and sleep to this drama.

Just like the fans, even the cast was over the moon with the production of this show. Behind the scenes and make-over clips give a little peek inside the makings of it all. With so, showing how comfortable and close the cast is with each other. Additionally making fans fangirl over the simple interactions the crew and cast have with each other.

Who Is the Cast of It's Beautiful Now?
It’s Beautiful Now Cast cr: KBS2

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What To Expect From Its Beautiful Now Episode 18?

In the previous episode, since the three brothers are indifferent to the topic of marriage, the grandfather, Lee Gyeong Cheol, becomes worried. As a man of old age and limited time, Lee Gyeong Cheol wishes to see their grandsons happy and settled.

This gives the grandfather the perfect thinking to make a deal with his grandsons. Whichever son gets married first will be gifted the family mansion. Tempted by the offer, the three sons have no choice but to finally start thinking about a new chapter in their life. The three brothers, Yoon Jae, Hyun Jae, and Soo Jae, have never thought of anything but work, and that’s all their life has revolved around. So, for the three to now begin thinking about relationships that could lead to a big ring seems difficult.

What To Expect from its beautiful now ep 18What To Expect from its beautiful now ep 18
It’s Beautiful Now

With honest hearts, the three venture out into the world to look for their significant others. With hearts melting and pillows being thrown at the screen, the audience watches, thinking how unfair it is that such men do not even know of our existence. Standards are, as expected, once again raised incredibly high. Hilarious wonders of the universe. But, they do say love works in mysterious ways.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 18 Release Date

The Original network where the episode will be telecasted is KBS2. Episode 18 of It’s Beautiful Now will be released on the 29 of May 2022. As fans anticipatingly wait, and by the wait, I mean pacing back and forth in the confinements of their room. One can get quite impatient when it comes to the shows of their liking, but fear not, for the wait eventually ends. To the fans who have clearly made the show a favorite, don’t let your eyes see dreams that may end up shattering your innocent hearts.

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