Jedi Survivor Darth Vader Boss Fight Guide

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Over the years, Star Wars games have introduced some interesting characters that have chronicled aspects of different eras. However, the most compelling may be Cal Kestis of the Star Wars Jedi series. When he was introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, he was conflicted over doing what was right or protecting himself against the Empire. However, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor saw Cal grow as he took the fight to the Empire often on his own. That said, he eventually reunited with his team to try and stop a High Republic Jedi awakened from stasis who grew mad with power from finding the ancient planet of Tanalorr.


Much like the original, Jedi: Survivor‘s combat relies on timing and strategy. This means enemies are exceptionally difficult right away, and it’s up to the player to determine what the right move is and when to strike. Some instances will catch even veteran players off guard, such as a surprise encounter that takes place about halfway through the story. Here, Darth Vader, a boss who shocked fans in Fallen Order, returns for a rematch with Cal’s old mentor, Cere Junda. This fight is one of the hardest in the game, but it’s not unwinnable so long as you know his moves and how to control Cere.

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How Darth Vader Fits Into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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After beating Dagan Gera and obtaining the compass needed to find Tanalorr, Cal and his allies reunite with Cere and her master, Eno Cordova, on Jedha. Before anyone can celebrate, payers learn that Bode Akuna, Cal’s close friend, double-crossed them and killed Cordova. A chase ensues between them while Cere and Merrin remain to evacuate their hideout as the Empire closes in. Players control Cere during the fight, which lead her to secure what’s left of the archives so BD-1 could escape with them. However, before she can leave, Darth Vader appears, and their rematch from Fallen Order begins in the ruins of the Jedha archives.

Phase 1 Eases Players Into the Fight

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The battle starts in a small arena, with Cere and Vader squaring off for their big battle. At this point players will only have a few stim packs and little experience playing as Cere. Thankfully, the game knows this, and Vader takes it slow. He will unleash a string of slow but powerful attacks that are easy to parry or dodge. There’s also a window to properly attack Vader before he retaliates. While this phase isn’t the hardest, it does have its challenges. For example, Vader has two unblockable attacks, a shoulder charge and another that leads to a choke attack that deals considerable damage. However, both attacks can be dodged with a side step or a Force attack. Ultimately, this phase is all about understanding Vader and how he moves.

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Phase 2 Introduces More Aggressive Attacks

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Throughout the fight, Darth Vader will often come at the player with a Force Pull or Push. Though these attacks don’t do damage, it’s important to block them, as they could leave players open to further attacks. This is especially important in Phase 2, as Vader gets more aggressive in his offensive attacks. He adds in projectile attacks, such as throwing debris, which can only be blocked with a sidestep. He will also throw his lightsaber, which can be sidestepped or parried back to him. Vader also gains a stronger unblockable choke grab that has a longer windup. In this instance, the best way to avoid it is to either sidestep twice for distance or to jump up. The best way to progress through this phase is to focus on dodging and parrying and only attacking when his stance bar is depleted.

Phase 3 Is Darth Vader at Full Power

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Phase 3 is where everything that was established in the two previous phases comes together to create the hardest part of the Darth Vader boss fight. At this point, Vader will come at Cere with a host of new combos that require players to be on the defensive. To make matters more difficult, Vader will also sneak in two unblockables in his attack string that are easy to confuse. The best way to avoid this is to break off if possible, then use a Force attack or sidestep.

Ultimately, because of Darth Vader’s aggressive nature, the only way to truly win this battle is to maintain a close distance and be diligent of parries as the best chance to get a hit would be when his stance bar is depleted. It may be a shorter stretch of combat than the other phases, but it will require the utmost attention from the player to beat the level.


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