Jewelpet Attack Travel! Film: New Release Date Announced

Jewelpet Attack Travel! Release Date
Jewelpet Attack Travel! Release Date

We all are moving to a new phase of this as we have finally entered spring 2022. We already have welcomed a lot of anime new some of which are related to sequels while some are new. Among all these, if you are looking for a perfect shojo anime then here I got you some news related to one such shojo anime. Jewelpet the popular anime series that was released back in 2009 is going to come back once again. Even though the series has already given us a lot of projects this is the time to welcome something new. Jewelpet has announced a new anime film that will be hitting the online streaming channels this year.

The original anime series Jewelpet was released on 5th April 2009 and ended on 28th March 2010. It was written by Atushi Maekawa and was directed by Nanako Sasaki. Studio Comet was the one that produced the series. It was aired on TV Osaka, Tv Tokyo. Kids Station and TVB in Japan. As for the international airing, the rights were taken by Crunchyroll. Initially, the upcoming movie was announced back in February 2020 but it was delayed due to the worsening situation of a pandemic. However, now since everything is turning back to normal, the creators decided to don’t hold back anymore and release the anime film. So, let’s get into it and see what all we have in the upcoming film Jewel Attack Travel!.

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About Jewelpet

Jewelpet was initially released as an original anime series but later got adapted into a manga series. It was written by Mako Mori and was published by Shogakukan Publications. It was released in April 2009 and continued till March 2014. Later an anime series titled “Jewelpet Twinkle” was released on 3rd April 2010 and till 2nd April 2011, it aired 52 episodes and 1 OVA. On 9th April 2011 “Jewelpet Sunshine” was released with was produced by Studio comet. It continued till 31st March 2022 and ended with 52 episodes. “Jewelpet Kira Deco!” was released on 7th April 2012 and it ended on 30th March with another 52 episodes.

The first anime movie of the franchise was released on 11th August 2012 which had a run time of 63 minutes. It continued to come up with new projects but it halted after 2016. In February 2020, the new anime film was announced but was not released in that year.

Jewelpet Attack Travel! Release Date Jewelpet Attack Travel! Release Date

About Jewelpet Attack Travel!

The upcoming film Jewelpet Attack Travel! also known as Juerupetto Attaku Toraberu is a very short anime film. It is going to be produced by Ashi Production (Futari Ecchi, Cutie Honey Universe). The direction will be handled by Hiroshi Negishi (Bakegyamon, Paboo and Mojies). Since it is a Shojo anime film, you will get to see some super beautiful and cute picturizations. It takes place around the main character named Ruby a female Japanese Hare that is also the main mascot of the Jewelpet Franchise. It begins with Ruby and her friends going on a School trip along with their teacher Iruka. The trip was planned to Sichuan Province in China.

However, things didn’t feel as simple as they seems. It didn’t take too long to Ruby to realize that something is off about this trip. Nothing went normal about the trip as the tour conductor, driver, and guide all of them seems really unnatural. The journey began as the group reaches its final destination amidst all the unnatural events.

Jewelpet Attack Travel!Jewelpet Attack Travel!
Jewelpet Attack Travel!

Jewelpet Attack Travel! Release Date

Finally, after the wait of whole 7 years, we got to hear from the franchise once again. After getting postponed since February 2020, the anime film will be coming out as the 10th Anniversary project for the franchise. Initially, the release date for Jewelpet Attack Travel! was announced for 7th February 2020. At that time it was planned to come along the first featured film from Zero-G Studio was titled “Kukuriraige Sanxingdui Fantasy”. However, due to constant issues in the process of production made the film got delayed.

So, now on 29th March 2022, Sanrio designing company announced that the release of Jewelpet Attack Travel! is finally rescheduled. Now, Jewelpet Attack Travel! The release date is set for 27th July 2022. Everyone got excited about this as it will be released as Blu-ray as a part of BD – BOX Jewelpet Sunshine.

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