Just How Strong Is Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock from the comics with his MCU counterpart in the background

The long-awaited final installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy hit theaters in 2023, bringing a highly-anticipated comics character to the big screen for the first time. Adam Warlock had a slightly different origin, but he still gave the cosmic team a run for their money in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and he was fairly overpowered in his cinematic debut as well. As a new MCU character, fans haven’t seen all of Adam Warlock’s impressive abilities yet. However, he has performed a number of incredibly powerful feats in the comics that elevate his status as a powerful cosmic hero.



10 Warlock Devolved Monck Back Into A Gibbon

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Even genetically superior superbeings must learn to walk before they crawl. As powerful as Adam Warlock is, he didn’t come out of his regenerative cocoon with complete mastery of all of his abilities. His powers slowly developed as he became the only superheroic protector of Counter-Earth, one of the High Evolutionary’s greatest creations.

One of High Evolutionary’s New Men known as Man-Beast corrupted Counter-Earth, and formed his own group of Evil New Men. Monck was among the Evil New Men who attempted to capture Adam Warlock, but he fought back. Adam used his developing abilities to devolve Monck back into his original Gibbon form, ending his threat and striking fear into the New Men.

9 He Beat Down A Berserk Thor In A Fight

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When writers need to display how powerful a new character is, they’ll often do so by having them beat down a well-known hero or villain. This is sometimes known as the “Worf effect” after Commander Worf from the Star Trek franchise, a battle-hardened Klingon who new characters would slap around to show thier strength.

Wolverine, Hulk, and Thor are three characters in the Marvel universe who frequently get “Worfed” when new threats arrive. Initially, he got the better of an enraged Thor in one of Adam Warlock’s first comic appearances as Him. From that moment on, readers knew to take Warlock seriously.

8 He Shrunk A Giant Monster Down To Size

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One of the scariest and most underappreciated comic book abilities is matter manipulation, which is the ability to rearrange molecules with a thought. It’s a sometimes strange and esoteric ability that is also very raren. Beings of tremendous power like Doctor Manhattan and Darkseid also possess this gift, putting Adam Warlock in esteemed company.

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In another moment from Adam’s early days, he used this exotic technique to shrink a giant monster instead of beating it in a physical battle. Afterward, Adam easily plucked the creature off the ground and held it in the palm of his hand. he claimed he could crush it like a gnat if he wanted as further evidence of his power.

7 Warlock Destroyed Drax More Than Once

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As funny and lovable as the MCU’s version of Drax the Destroyer is, he isn’t nearly as powerful as his comic book counterpart. Comic book Drax is an Avatar of Life and is capable of punching a hole through Thanos’ chest. He’s also an expert combatant with numerous victories under his belt.

That’s why it’s all the more impressive that Adam Warlock knocked Drax out in a fistfight. The Destroyer put up a good fight, but Adam outplayed and overpowered Drax in the end. Adam also later manhandled Drax while he was in his Magus form after Drax tried to tear out Magus’ heart.

6 He Shocked The Silver Surfer Unconscious

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The Silver Surfer is another powerful cosmic Marvel hero who’s cut from the same cloth as Adam Warlock. Both characters possess an array of exotic abilities that make them stand out from the crowd. However, the Surfer is a frequent Herald of Galactus, which occasionally pits him against other heroes like Adam Warlock.

When Silver Surfer faced both Thanos and Adam Warlock, he attacked the Mad Titan and hoped that Adam would back him up. Instead, Adam Warlock used one of his many abilities to shock Silver Surfer with enough force to knock him out. Adam knocked out the Surfer to de-escalate the situation, but it’s still an impressive feat nonetheless.

5 He’s Defeated Mephisto in His Own Realm

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Mephisto is a dangerous demon and one of the most important Marvel villains. Usually, Mephisto avoids direct conflict and prefers to strike Faustian deals with heroes and villains. However, mystical champions like Doctor Strange and Magik have fought Mephisto before, though they barely survived the ordeal.

Adam Warlock has shown his might and brought Mephisto to his knees before in the comics. He’s even used his Karmic Staff and cosmic powers to beat Mephisto in Hell, which is the one place where Mepshito’s supposed to be unbeatable. They’ve even fought giant cosmic battles for control of each other’s souls.

4 He Unlocked A Child’s Untapped Potential

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Adam might not always look like it, but he’s a soft-hearted guy on the inside. Warlock’s very compassionate and caring, which caused him to reject his original role as a sentient doomsday weapon. Adam Warlock would rather unlock the potential in others instead of put anyone else down.

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Adam once helped a young girl unlock her cosmic potential when he visited Earth. He could tell that the child was destined for great things and decided to help set her down the right path. Hopefully, fans will see that girl grow into a great hero someday and pay Adam’s kindness forward.

3 Warlock Became The New Living Tribunal

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Alongside Peter Parker, Adam Warlock knows all too well that “with great power, comes great responsibility.” During the Infinity Revelation storyline, Adam and Thanos traveled to an alternate reality of Earth-19141. That reality’s Adam Warlock absorbed the energy of his dying universe to become the new Living Tribunal.

Adam Warlock gained incredible cosmic powers that essentially turned him into a god. However, as one of Marvel’s strongest cosmic aspects, he was no longer able to partake in small-scale conflicts like protecting Earth and his allies.

2 Adam Warlock Turned Thanos Into Stone

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One of the things that makes Adam Warlock so powerful is his unique connection to the Infinity Stones. Warlock understands these cosmic artifacts on a level that no one else does, allowing him to perform all sorts of powerful feats with Marvel’s cosmic artifacts.

Adam Warlock has been able to survive certain death by escaping to the soul stone, which happened when he fell in battle during the “Rebirth of Thanos” storyline. After he returned from the Soul Stone, he used his overcharged cosmic energy to transform Thanos into stone. He allowed a portion of his consciousness to remain aware to deny Thanos’ reunion with Death.

1 Warlock Can Command The Infinity Gauntlet

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Adam Warlock has shown that he is one of the most powerful Guardians of the Galaxy characters due to his frequent ability to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. His command over the Infinity Stones surpasses even Thanos. The Infinity Gauntlet event ended when Adam usurped control over the Infinity Stones while Thanos’ adopted daughter Nebula was in possession of the Gauntlet

He then retained control of the Infinity Gauntlet without any fear of corruption, though cosmic aspects forced him to split the Gauntlet up and share the Stones with his Infinity Watch. Adam Warlock has used the Infinity Gauntlet on more than one occasion. He purged his good and evil sides to properly wield it, though they eventually returned as Magus and the Goddess.

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