November 27, 2021

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Kaitō Queen wa Circus ga Osuki Theatrical Anime Reveals Visual, Staff, Story

Kaitō Queen wa Circus ga Osuki Theatrical Anime Reveals Visual, Staff, Story

Story follows Phantom Thief Queen, their partners Joker, RD

The official website for the theatrical original video anime (OVA) of Kaoru Hayamine‘s Kaitō Queen wa Circus ga Osuki (Mirage Queen Aime Cirque) novel revealed the anime’s visual, staff and story on Tuesday.

Saori Den (Pokémon episode director) is directing the project at East Fish Studio, and Mariko Kunisawa (Ascendance of a Bookworm, Orient) is writing the script. Kumiko Kawashima (Fantasista Stella) is designing the characters. Moe Hyūga (Steins;Gate 0, If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die) is composing the music. Toshiki Kameyama is the sound director at Bit Groove Promotion. Pony Canyon will distribute the anime.

The website describes the OVA:

The story centers on the Phantom Thief Queen, who is a person who can steal anything they desire. Their gender, age, and nationality are unknown. Together with their partners Joker and RD, they fly around the world in their airship. Now, Queen has their eyes set on a cursed jewel: the legendary “Rose of Linden.” However, there is an unexpected incident, and a mysterious circus troupe steals the jewel before Queen can. Queen will challenge the various members of the troupe, including a hypnotist, a magician, and an acrobat, in order to take back the jewel. For nothing is impossible for Queen.

The theatrical OVA project will will debut in 2022.

The novel series takes place in a world filled with airships. The Kaitō Queen is someone who never fails to steal what they are after. Their age and gender is unknown. However, a mysterious circus troupe appears, with magicians hypnotists, and those with other special powers in its ranks. The circus troupe manages to steal the gem that Kaitō Queen is after, and challenges Kaitō Queen to a contest.

The anime commemorates the 20th anniversary of the novel series. Kadokawa published the first novel (pictured at right) under its children’s book label Aoitori Bunko in March 2002 with illustrations by K2 Shōkai. The latest novel will shippped on July 14. The project marks the first time the franchise is getting a video adaptation. The anime shares the same title as the debut novel in the franchise.

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