January 27, 2022

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Kancolle Season 2: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch

Kancolle Season 2 Release Date

Kancolle or Kantai Collection animated series recently surprised fans with the most awaiting news, and now the road is all clear to cheer them up. Just after the Season 1 of Kancolle or Kantai Collection, the story was stuck on a cliffhanger, but now, after the news of its returning, We will finally be able to know the further events in a cool animated way. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Koncolle or Kantai collection so you can catch up real quick with the trend and reveal the release date of Season 2 in a later section of the same article. There are a lot of things packed in this single article, so make sure to read this article till the end.

Kancolle or Kantai Collection is a Japanese animated Television series created by Diomedia. It is simply based on the Game Of The Same Name, which was developed by Kadokawa Games. Its animated version made its appearance on screens in 2015, which included 12 episodes. The series aired on Tokyo MX and KBS and was slowly distributed to other popular TV channels. In 2016, a movie titled, Kancolle: The Movie made its appearance on big screens and was ultimately loved by millions of fans.

Kancolle Season 1: Everything We Discovered

Kancolle Season 1 sets up the plot of the story where humans face threats from the abyssal fleet, which takes over the seas, and the super humane girls who wear weaponized attire are the only ones who can counter them. They inherit the spirit of Kanmusu, historical naval vessels. They spend many days on the naval base and learned the basics of battles, and learned to control their powers. The main protagonist Fubuki arrives on the naval base and meets with those girls, and joins them in the fight. Together they fought fierce combats and eventually becomes powerful. Finally, the curtains fall, and we didn’t get the answer whether they got succeeded in their mission or not, but in Season 2, There is a high possibility that we will get the answers to each of our endless questions.

Kancolle Season 2 Release Date
Kantai Collection

Kancolle Season 2 Release Date:

After being in the waiting loop for several years, finally Dojin circle and the main production company C2 Kikan confirmed on Twitter that they are working tirelessly on the next season of Kancolle, and Kancolle Season 2 will premiere this fall. Certain events have been scheduled to celebrate the release, and one of them is 1MYB Tour which will run this year at Tokyo’s Zepp Haneda on February 14, 2022.

Another event will run in Osaka on March 13, and it is also all set to exhibit at Anime Convention in March 2022. In 2019, Kadokawa also reported in its special report that the sequel of Kancolle Season 1 is in production and hints towards 2022 for the final release. We all know that the anime is based on a browser-based game which released back in 2013 and produced by Kadokawa.

There are still tons of things left to uncover by officials. We will update you as soon as we get any official news related to Kancolle, so make sure to bookmark this article and follow us.

Kancolle Season 2 Release DateKancolle Season 2 Release Date
Kancolle aka Kantai Collection

Where To Watch Kancolle Season 1?

Now last but not least, Where To Watch Kancolle anime? There are many platforms that allow us to watch Kancolle legally, but the most famous and recommended platform is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a home for thousands of top-class anime that allows you to enjoy tons of anime anytime, anywhere on your single subscription in the highest quality possible.

If you are following any current ongoing title, then Crunchyroll is definitely a must-have app as it allows you to watch the fresh episode just after it gets premiered in Japan. The best thing about Crunchyroll is, If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you can still enjoy watching your favorite anime with ads in Standard quality as it supports ad-supported content.

It is expected that Kancolle season 2 will also release on Crunchyroll just after its premiere on Japanese TV channels, and you can watch it by using your original Crunchyroll Subscription. All we have to do now is to wait for a few more months.

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