November 27, 2021

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Kengan Omega Chapter 137 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read?

Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Kengan Omega Chapter 137 reveals part three of Ohma vs. Lolong as the two attempts to finish each other. The battle continues where Lolong lock Ohma on an armbar. Ohma struggles to free his hand since he has to tap or allow Lolong to break if he fails to unlock the armbar. From Kengan Omega’s latest chapter, Ohma realizes that he needs to act quickly and uses Redirection Kata: Niko Style Weeping Willow that sends Lolong flying. Lolong manage to keep his ground and realizes that he almost got Ohma where he wanted.

The commentators notice that Ohma resolves well since he got his left arm out of the lock. But Ohma’s arm is bent toward the opposite direction, and Lolong wonders what Ohma will do about that. Ohma uses Redirection and Water Kata: Bone Consumption that fixed his arm and turned back to normal. Lolong noticed how Ohma pulled that move and realized that the ram was no longer broken. The commentator wonders what kind of Ninja move Ohma pulled, and Lolong realizes that doesn’t surprise him since it needs more than what he is doing to take Ohma down.

Lolong pulled a new fighting stance and decided to get more compact, and they think he will grapple with Ohma. He notices that he has an advantage in wrestling since he has managed to make two takedowns. Okubo asks Misasa about Lolong’s fighting stance and wonders if Misasa knows about that. Misasa notices that it is different from what he learned and wonders what Lolong plans to do. Lu Dongchen thinks that stance will give Lolong an advantage since he avoids getting hit by a clean strike. Toa Mudo thinks that Lolong will never go defense.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 136

Ohma used Advance for a second and landed Raging Fire that missed the target, and Lolong moved back. Ohma gets hurt since his killer move made him hit the ground instead of Lolong. Lolong attacked with double punches and a flying knee, but Ohma blocked some of the strikes. He lands massive strikes, and Kazuo sees blood and realizes that Lolong managed to cut Ohma. Lolong is using Invisible Elbows to outstrike Ohma. Kazuo and the other analyzes the technique that Lolong uses against Ohma. They find that Lolong swings his elbow from Ohma’s blind spot and hurts him with only that.

Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Kengan Omega

They realize that when Lolong is using such a strike, they become literal finishing moves. Ohma gets pushed back while trying to survive that killer blows. Ohma had no other option than to block, but many strikes were landing, and he realized he had to find an opening. He uses that move that Lolong has been waiting for him to use. But Ohma thinks that the time has come to end everything. Ohma transforms again and lands a body blow mixing it with Redirection Kata: Change of Scenery and that smashed Lolong.

Lolong bangs with the ground, and the ground cracks. Ref Shina Alisa begins with count down. Everyone is surprised that mighty Lolong has been KO’d. Inside the Infirmary, Hana and Kokomi saw that mighty strike from Ohma repeating on a big screen and realized that another patient was coming for them. They know that Lolong will need treatment for that. Ohma has now fully unleashed the Advanced. The crowd wonders if Lolong will get up. Ohma wants to finish Lolong if he gets up. He thinks he has done a great job, but he can’t predict what a monster like Lolong will do next.

Kengan Omega Chapter 137 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 137 will be released on 2 December 2021. Ref Shina Alisa counts up to three, and there is no sign that Long will wake up. Ohma squeezed his chest and returned to normal, meaning that he could control Advance. He reveals that he has been hiding that, but it hurts when he uses it since he had used it a long time ago. Kokomi tells Han to look at Ohma, and Hana replies that Ohma is fine, but the problem is the guy lying on the ground. Let’s look at Kengan Omega Chapter 137 official details.

Kengan Omega Chapter 137Kengan Omega Chapter 137

Kengan Omega

Read Kengan Omega Chapter 137 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kengan-Omega-Chapter 137 online on various websites. He realizes that Ohma uses that technique for five seconds, and it won’t kill him. Lolong get up at the count of nine, but Alisa thinks that he can’t go on since he is hurt. Lolong decided to continue to fight with blood pouring from his head. Ohma smile, and the battle continues. Kengan-Omega-Chapter 137 spoilers will be about soon. Let’s meet when Kengan-Omega-Chapter 137 is released.

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