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Kengan Omega Chapter 142: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Kengan Omega Chapter 142

Kengan Omega Chapter 142 reveals a three-way battle between Erioh, Edward, and The Master of Phantasms-Wu Xing. Edward takes two-on-one since the two refuse to leave, and he punishes them. He decided to kill Xing first and remind Xing that they are the evolved Wu. Kengan Omega has returned after delaying the recent chapter. Kengan Omega’s latest chapter reveals the brawl between two clans, but two members of the Wu Clan are against each other. Erioh wants to avenge Raian, who Edward brutalized. Xing vows to show Edward the true power of the Wu Clan with Edwards’ death.

Edward can’t believe that the brat is talking about true power. He reminds Xing that they live in the 21st century, and his techniques are useless. Xing attacks with a flying blade, but Edward tosses it away using his arm like he has a steel arm. The sword bends after touching Edward’s arm. Xing takes the battle to distance, but his strikes have no impact on Edward. The Mighty Demon Erioh is recovering, but he notices something when Xing attacks Edward. Xing’s sword shattered into pieces and missed the target.

He realizes that Edward fooled him using the oldest trick in the book, and it is unbelievable that The Master of Phantasms was tricked. Edward appears in front of Xing and tells him that he is angry since Xing is not on par with him. He gets bored when he fights a guy who struggles to land a clean strike. Xing uses a rope of his sword to cut Edward’s arm after wrapping it. But Edward thinks it is a cheap trick and pulls Xing toward him. He grabs Xing’s hand that is holding a broken sword.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 141

The chapter title is “The Evolved Wu.” Edward says that the brat is not good enough to beat him. He puts pressure on Xing while dominating him and landing massive barrages. Edward cuts the rope of the swords and sends Xing flying, but Erioh catches Xing before hitting the wall. He reminds the two that he is telling them for the last that it is the 21st century and those who swing swords are idiots since a real man can kill using a finger. Xing thanks Erioh for catcher him before he gets hurt. Erioh reminds Xing to be more careful since Edward is more potent than the combined two.

Kengan Omega Chapter 142
Kengan Omega Chapter 142

Edward looks at the two and realizes that the Mighty Demon Erioh Kure was once feared in the Kure clan and thinks Erioh is getting older. But Erioh might have killed him if Erioh was in his prime. Edward thinks that an old geezer with a brat will never kill him or land a blow that would hurt him. Erioh reminds Edward that he has already passed his time ever since they met, and if he were in his prime, Edward would be a child’s play to him. The fourth guy arrives and tells gramps to move, but he misses the tarted when he attacks.

That guy wonders why he can’t see Fabio and asks them where Fabio is. Edward told the guy that Fabio was dead, and the guy understood the situation since things get messy when Edward is topless. Raian recovers and transforms into a Removal form. He told Edward and that new guy that they are dead. Xing calls Erioh, who admits that the time has come. Xing and Mighty Demon Erioh unleash Guihun 100% Removal. Raian told them that he would get Edward. The new guy realizes that it is 3v2.

Kengan Omega Chapter 142 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 142 will be released on 13 January 2022. The new guy asks Edward what they must do, and Edward replies that they must bring those guys to 0%. He knows that if he does that, they will die. Meanwhile, Xia Ji is getting punished at the passage. The guy punishing Xia Ji reveals that he is known as Venomous Viper: Narushita Joji for a reason since he attacks his opponent at a vital spot and they get immobilized. Let’s look at Kengan Omega Chapter 142 official details.

Kengan Omega Chapter 142Kengan Omega Chapter 142
Kengan Omega Chapter 142

Read Kengan Omega Chapter 142 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kengan-Omega-Chapter 142 online on Kengan Omega’s official website: Kenganomega.com. Joji realizes that it was hard to strike Xia Ji’s vital spot since Xia Ji was moving. Xia Ji begs Joji to listen to him. Kureshi Mitsuyo also joins the two and breaks Xia Ji’s arm. He took off the blade from Xia Ji and said he had seized the goods. But Xia Ji got up and told them that it would be 2v1. Let’s meet when Kengan Omega Chapter 142 is released.

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