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Kengan Omega Chapter 143 Release Date, Spoilers & Read Online

Kengan Omega Chapter 143

Kengan Omega Chapter 143 reveals a three-way brawl and the clash of two clans. Xia Ji has decided to take on Narushima Joji and Kureshi Mitsuyo. He told them they were all dead since they tried to bully him. Xia Ji realizes that his men will arrive any time, but he must get rid of those two. He realizes that he has sent his team to take care of Tokita Ohma. Joji reminds Xia Ji that his allies are not coming. Kengan Omega has entered another era since the MMA tournament is over. Xia Ji believes that he can handle Kureshi and Joji.

The recently arrived warrior fought with his opponents and sent them flying using Lightning God: Raishin Style Lighting Flash. The guy’s name is Mika Zuchirei: Lightning God. Mika specializes in Lightning God’s technique. The Floating Cloud: Hatsumi Sen joins the battle and punishes two punks. Sen comments that Mika must hand punks to him since he still has groves. He smashes the other two punks and pins them with the ground. Meanwhile, Xia Ji vs. Kureshi and Joji continues. Xia Ji realizes that his arm is injured, and he has to do something before the arm is completely dislocated.

Kureshi and Joji heard a noise and talked about Sen’s grandfather, Aikido, the founder of Hatsumi Style. Aikido is an old friend of the Patriarch of the Kure Clan. Xia Ji realizes Wu Xing told him that Hatsumi Goichi is his friend. Joji and Kureshi reveal that Goichi used the connection to connect with the Wu Clan in China and train them. It was also revealed that Mikazuchi trained with the Wu Clan, and they exchanged their techniques with the Wu Clan. But Xing is not cooking something behind the scenes.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 142

The chapter title is “The Cloud and Lightning.” Wu Xing watched Mika and Sen training together in the past. Joji and Kureshi ask Xia Ji if he knows how they got that information, and it is because Wu Xing told them to get rid of Xia Ji. The two reveal that they didn’t want to kill Xia Ji, but Xia Ji brought that on himself by challenging them. Joji reminds Xia Ji that they were helping and nothing else. Xia Ji realized that he had messed up, but he had to face the consequences. On the other side, Kure Raian vs. revived Solomon Wu begins.

Kengan Omega Chapter 143
Kengan Omega Chapter 143

Raian passed Solomon after landing a few shots and decided to battle with Edward Wu, who was smoking a cig. Wu Xing & Mighty Demon Erioh has entered Guihun 100% Removal. Xing takes on Solomon and allows Raian to settle scores with Edward Wu. Raian realizes that Edward Wu is the one who put him to sleep when he arrives, and he wants to make Edward pay. He landed massing blows that miss Edward. Edward landed a body blow that pushed Raian back. But Erioh appears behind him and also reviews a killer blow that sends him midair.

Raian saw an opening, but Edward’s reflexes were too quick, and he grabbed Raian with his face and squeezed it. Edward has a double ko at the same time, and Raian with Erioh hits the ground. But they refuse to fall unconscious and strike back simultaneously. He enjoyed smashing Erioh and Raian faces and told them that it was embarrassing since they failed to beat him using the Removal form. Erioh thinks of a technique that he thinks would work against Edward.

Kengan Omega Chapter 143 Release Date

Kenga Omegan Chapter 143 will be released on 20 January 2022. Erioh told Raian to follow his lead, but Raian was too stubborn to do that Raian believed that he could find a way to beat Edward without following the orders of the geezer. But they both circle Edward using The Kure Cla Tradition: Lonbite Zhong Kui. Edward blocks them, but Raian’s left-hand grabs Edward’s neck. Edward beat them and sent them flying again. Solomon and Xing trade massive strikes. Let’s look at Kengan Omega Chapter 143 official details.

Kengan Omega Chapter 143Kengan Omega Chapter 143
Kengan Omega Chapter 143

Read Kengan Omega Chapter 143 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kengan Omega Chapter 143 online on kenganomega.com. Edward reveals Guihun 100% and punches Erioh and Raian like punching back. He transformed back and told them he was showing them the power of the Westward Wu. Edward told them to accept death before they suffer. But he told Solomon to handle them, and they will meet outside when he gets rid of them. Erioh beheads Solomon, and Edward realizes that he has to fight. Let’s meet when Kengan Omega Chapter 143 is released.

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