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Home » Key’s 1st Crossover TV Anime Series Kaginado Premieres in October

Key’s 1st Crossover TV Anime Series Kaginado Premieres in October

Key's 1st Crossover TV Anime Series Kaginado Premieres in October

The “KSL online 2021 -Kaginado-” event announced on Sunday that Kaginado (Key, Etc.), the first crossover anime series featuring the franchises by Visual ArtsKey brand, will premiere on television and via streaming in October. The chibi-character anime will be a crossover of some of Key‘s most popular visual novel and anime titles, including Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters!, and Rewrite, with the anime’s site promising more.

Among the franchises announced for the crossover anime, noted Key writer Jun Maeda wrote the original visual novels for all but Rewrite, and also worked on the music for all of them (including Rewrite).

Kanon debuted in 1999, while Air debuted in 2000, and Clannad in 2004. Kanon had two television anime adaptations: the first by Toei Animation in 2002, and the second by Kyoto Animation in 2006. Kyoto Animation adapted Air into a television anime in 2005 as one of its first full productions as a studio, and Toei Animation also adapted it into an anime film in the same year. Kyoto Animation also animated the 2007 television anime of Clannad.

Little Busters! debuted in 2007, with J.C. Staff‘s anime adaptation premiering in 2012. Rewrite debuted in 2011, with the television anime by 8-Bit premiering in 2016.

Source: Kaginado’s website via Otakomu

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