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Killerman Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Killerman Ending Explained

Killerman came out just a few years ago and immediately got us hooked on its plot. The film has actor Liam Hemsworth in the lead role. Malik Bader has directed the tale and even worked as the writer of the script. The film got a release on the 30th of August 2019 under the banner of Solution Entertainment Group while its distribution was done by Blue Fox Entertainment. As for the plot, we see Moe as well as Bobby Skunk who are money launderers. They work under the leadership of Perico who is also his uncle of Bobby. Their entire lives turn around when the two are handed over a precious job. This work will provide them with 20 million US dollars just in 10 days.

After a while, we see the two about to launder the entire money. But they get a call from Perico to not do anything and just sit on the money until he gives further orders. This is when Bobby decides to do a fast buck. He manages to land a drug deal and promise to make extra money. He even talks Moe into the process. Initially, Moe did not want to be a part of it and even advised Bobby against the deal. But soon enough, the money draws him in. The two go on to meet an Indian shopkeeper named FedEx.

Killerman Ending Explained

A still from Killerman

He is told that when these two boys arrive, he has to hand them the number of a drug dealer which will end him gaining 60,000 US dollars. FedEx seems reluctant at first because he does not trusts the process. But later, he gives them the contact number of Debo, a local drug dealer and sets them up for once only deal. Although, we see Debo who is in an issue with some dirty police officers. These men have borrowed the drugs from the evidence room so that they can take the money as well as the drugs once the entire deal is over.


Now, these cops give Debo 1 KG of drugs. He is instructed to run a deal with Bobby and Moe and then fool them over the drug deal. Well, even Moe is one step ahead of the whole process. He has already set up a shooter in the process who will help them take up the money along with the drugs and back off the cops. This helped the two escape while the police officers are still trying to catch them. Although, their lives tear apart when they get into a car accident while running away.

Bobby only gets a few scratches here and there but Moe ends up losing his whole memory. Later in the scenes, we see that the two manage to hide from these cops who will do anything to get the money as well as the drugs back from them. Although, their only problem is that Moe has no memory of his past and obviously, Bobby can not babysit him for long. He will have to keep himself safe with the whole money as well as the drugs. This movie gets very interesting at this point where it is now a game of cat and mouse chase. Well, the ending of Killerman was pretty interesting. If you did not get the whole concept of it, then there is nothing to worry about. All you guys will have to do is read the entire explanation about the ending that we have mentioned below.

Killerman – What happened at the end?

There was a lot going on during the concluding moments of the film. With Moe having no idea of his identity, Bobby will have to take care of both of them. We see that Skunk goes on to take Mow to meet his maternal uncle. He is a crime boss and is currently in the middle of a real estate deal with a congressman. Although, he is getting vetted by the biggest bank in New York City. Now, it is the uncle who advises them two to leave New York City as soon as possible. It is because they have messed things up so much that leaving this place is the only option left for them. Well, Moe has always been in this city and obviously has emotions attached to it. Thus, he insists to go on and see the apartment one last time.

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