Kingdom Season 3: Everything We Know About the Hit K-Drama (Article Ready)

This side-quel to Kingdom revolves around the mysterious heir of the Seongjeoyain tribe village of the north, Ashin (played by Jun Ji Hyun). Plus, it also investigates the origin of the plague – through the strange plant – which then promptly swept through the Kingdom of Joseon. Actually, the events of Ashin of North are based before the first season chronologically. It shows Ashin’s childhood and how she became the woman who turned against Joseon. As a child, she lived with her ailing mother and father. In fact, Ta Hab, Ashin’s father, was the head of their settlement. Even then, tensions were high between the tribes of Pajeowi and the Kingdom of Joseon.


Ashin of the North Stills (Credits: Netflix)

It is a story of revenge. When the commander of the armed forces of Joseon kills members of the Pajeowi tribe and frames the Seongjeoyain tribe, the former pride promptly attacks the latter in the middle of the night. Except for Ashin’s father, and Ashin herself, everyone is massacred. Ashin survived as she was on a hunt to find a mysterious plant that assured to resurrect dead people for her mother. Ashin begs the commander to avenge her family and becomes a member of the army. Years pass, and she becomes a spy for the commander. All in all, she had to spy on the Pajeowi camp. But there she comes face to face with her father, with his limbs mutated.

Kingdom Season 3 ReleaseKingdom Season 3 Release

Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun) of the North Stills (Credits: Netflix)

Subsequently, Ta Hab begs his daughter to end his agony by killing him. For this reason, Ashin kills her own father. She then comes across some records inside the commander’s huts. Ashin comes to know how the commander framed her tribe and pit the two tribes against each other. Clearly, she wants revenge. She resurrects Joseon soldiers as zombies after killing them herself. And apparently, she had also turned many of her former villagers into zombies, to whom she now feeds human flesh. Thus, this is how the infection began.

Kingdom Season 3 ReleaseKingdom Season 3 Release

Ashin of the North Stills (Credits: Netflix)

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It is interesting to note that Kingdom has a higher IMDb rating than the oscar-winning movie Parasite. Indeed, when it comes to Zombies, K-movies like Train to Busan and K-dramas such as Kingdom understood the assignment perfectly. It is very interesting and keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout all episodes. Undoubtedly, it is also a number one favorite amongst K-Drama fans. If you are waiting for season 3 of Kingdom, you might have to wait a little more. Season 1 came out in January 2019, while the second season got delayed thanks to the pandemic and hit the screens in mid-2020. And the special episode was released only recently. Based on the production plans of previous seasons and the special prequel episode, it is safe to say that Kingdom Season 3 might release around April/May 2022 on Netflix.

Kingdom Season 2 PosterKingdom Season 2 Poster

Kingdom Season 2 Poster (Source: YouTube)

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