Kodansha Removes 16 Manga Titles From Crunchyroll on January 31 – News

Kodansha Ends Simulpub Manga Distribution on Digital Service Azuki, Other Platforms (Updated) - News

Crunchyroll announced on Thursday that it will remove a number of Kodansha USA Publishing manga titles from its platform on January 31. The majority of the titles are also ones that will be affected on the Azuki manga service, following a decision from Kodansha. Crunchyroll will remove the following Kodansha titles:

In addition, Kodansha issued a statement to Crunchyroll, saying that it is suspending simulub updates due to “changes” in its simulpub distribution program, and adding that it will have announcements regarding simulpubs “in the coming months.”

Kodansha will end distribution of simulpub chapters on Azuki beginning on January 16. On January 31, previous simulpub chapters from Kodansha‘s titles will be removed on the service. Azuki stated that this is a “policy change on Kodansha‘s end that affects all of the platforms they distribute on.” Azuki confirmed with ANN that other chapters, including early non-simulpub chapters of some of the series listed as well as non-simulpub series, will remain on the service.

Source: Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardine)


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