January 27, 2022

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Koharu Learns Fishing In Slow Loop Episode 2

Slow Loop Episode 2

Slow Loop Episode 2 reveals Hiyori’s past with her father. A strange girl went fishing in the morning to provide for her family. She realizes that his father loves musical instruments, and he has some of them that she has never seen. The girl recalls everything she did with her father when she was young. The old geezers join her and call her Hiyori and tell her how Mr. Yamakawa used to do when fishing. In the recent episode of Slow Loop, the geezers told her to be careful, and Hiyori realizes that her father was famous, but that widespread disease took him away.

A blond hair girl joins Hiyori, who almost drops her cellphone inside the water. The girl was excited to see water, and Hiyori wondered if the girl was a tourist. Hiyori was surprised to see that girl taking off her clothes, but she was left with a swimming costume. She wonders if the girls are planning to join in. On her chest, she has a poster written her name Koharu. Hiyori realizes that it is not summer but winter, and she has to stop the girl from jumping inside the water.

She uses a fishing hook to pull her back and apologizes after landing on the ground. Koharu told Hiyori that it was cold and began to sneeze. Hiyori realizes that it was the first day another girl entered her life. She gives her a tea to warm herself and continue fishing. Hiyori told Koharu not to jump inside the water in March; Koharu reveals that she will move to the city soon. Hiyori realizes that Koharu is not from around since she is unfamiliar.

Previously on Slow Loop Episode 1

Koharu reveals that she comes from a prefecture and there is no ocean which is why she was excited when she saw the ocean for the first time. Hiyori finds it surprising that Koharu has not seen the ocean. Koharu notices the fish inside the container and asks about them. Hiyori reveals that they are called rockfish and easy to catch them. Koharu is impressed that Hiyori caught the fish and asked if she is a fisherman. Hiyori reveals that she is not, but she caught the fish for dinner. Koharu enjoys touching rockfish and reveals that she enjoys river fishing.

Slow Loop Episode 2
Slow Loop Episode 2

Hiyori thought she was talking about real stuff, and Koharu reveals that she does that on a video game. Hiyori realizes that Koharu is talking about virtual fishing and teaches her how to fish. Koharu learns different times of rods and how to handle them. Koharu wonders why a fishing rod has to look like a toy. Hiyori reveals that artificial bait looks like little fish, which lures bigger fish. She can’t believe that Koharu knows nothing about fishing. Koharu told Hiyori what she had learned in science class.

Hiyori reveals how her father taught her to fish. Koharu told Hioyori to catch something since he has only seen people catching fish on tv. Hiyori gave her a landing net and told her to use it since she used a fishing rod. Koharu was surprised by the way Hiyori lured the fish. Hiyori explains why she lures the fish like that. Koharu also learns how she can do that. Hiyori realizes that it is her first time talking with someone for a long time after meeting them. The two managed to get more fish, and Koharu also got a fish.

Slow Loop Episode 2 Release Date

Slow Loop Episode 2 will be released on 14 January 2022. Hiyori and Koharu went to cook fish after fishing. She taught her how they cut, eat, and prepare it. Koharu was impressed by Hiyori’s skills, and Hiyori served her fresh rockfish sashimi. She wonders if Hiyori was a chef, and Hiyori reveals that she learned everything from her father. Koharu enjoys eating the fish, and the two become best friends. Let’s look at Slow Loop Episode 2 official details.

Slow Loop Episode 2Slow Loop Episode 2
Slow Loop Episode 2

Watch Slow Loop Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Slow Loop Episode 2 online on Funimation & ANIPLUS at 10:00 PM JST. You can also watch Slow Loop Episode 2 online on bBilibili Global & Wakanim (DE) for those in the UK. Koharu and Hiyori continue to meet at the same spot and enjoy fishing. Let’s meet when Slow Loop Episode 2 is released.

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