October 22, 2021

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Home » Kurocon Announces Artists and Performers Azusa Tadokoro, Azk, Kentaro Mashiro, and Other Guests for the Online Event on July 3-4, 2021

Kurocon Announces Artists and Performers Azusa Tadokoro, Azk, Kentaro Mashiro, and Other Guests for the Online Event on July 3-4, 2021

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Montreal, Quebec – July 1, 2021

Kurotsuki Convention Online, or Kurocon, returns for a third volume! Kurcon is a new type of online-only anime convention. No longer bound by the physical constraints, Kurocon again will deliver top Japanese acts to the English-speaking fans during the pandemic.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kurotsukiconvention
Discord: https://discord.gg/kurocon

For more details please also see our homepage, at https://kurocon.org

Kurocon is a by-fan-for-fan con that is free to the public. We invite you all to watch and enjoy the streams and see how your favorite entertainers, industry folks and fellow fans are doing during this global pandemic, and have something fun to do while travel remains limited across the globe. While physical cons have the unenviable task of getting back into gear, Kurocon is here to help with your quarantine fatigue and give the fans more excitement as we continue on the path to normalcy.

Besides our continued commitment to curate and bring over Japanese guests that are exciting, Kurocon also continues to provide fan panel spaces as well as a virtual artist alley. Kurocon will also continue to run a Mahjong Soul tournament for volume 3, this time in coordination with Yostar Games to provide prizes and support.

On that note, the wonderful guest lineup at Kurocon are as follow (in the order of announcement):

  • AZK — the DJ alias of Azuki Shibuya, who is now paving a new path as seiyuu and as DJ. The voice actress and former member of idol unit i☆Ris has performed in many roles such as in PriPara, Kakegurui, Black Clover, and GATE. Lately she is heating things up as Haijima Ginka of Denonbu. AZK will be spinning at Kurocon as a DJ in addition to having a Q&A panel.
  • Kentarō Mashiro – This newcomer seiyuu will be starring in the upcoming anime MUTEKING airing in October. He will be live streaming with us to tell us about himself and how it is being a seiyuu.
  • Azusa Tadokoro – Since winning the 36th HoriPro Talent Scout Caravan at the age of 17, she has gone on to voice many characters such as Kaoru from BanG Dream!, Ryoma from By the Grace of the Gods, Moroha from Yashahime, Symboli Rudolph from Umamusume: Pretty Derby, Aoi from Aikatsu!, Koito from Wonder Egg Priority, Shizuka from The [email protected] Million Live!, and many more. Azusa has also released 4 albums and 11 singles as a solo singer, aside from her character works. Azusa will present a panel with Kurocon.
  • Eri Shingyoji – With a powerful vocal, she was the voice behind “In My Dream” from Brain Powerd in her debut in ’98. She will be performing at Kurocon.
  • Matsuko Mawatari – Most famous for singing the opening and ending to Yū Yū Hakusho. She will also be performing at Kurocon.
  • Ririsya – Music virtual youtuber and singer-songwriter Ririsya will be streaming and performing at Kurocon. Please come cheer her on.
  • marble – Organic pop duo marble returns to Kurocon for an encore performance. As with their original mission from 2007, the duo continues to create positive and uplifting music. Please come and get healed by their nostalgic sound as they perform anime hits from Hidamari Sketch and others.

Besides these guests of honor, Kurocon will be hosting a series of manga panels as Ed Chavez and Denpa (publisher) make their return to Kurocon, bringing insider manga localization talk for North America in three panels with great panelists. Kurocon will also continue its tradition of a smashing Vtuber opener with Kentama, and its lineup of top notch anisong DJs for two nights of great music.

Please check out the convention schedule at our website, and I hope to see you all there again!

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