October 26, 2021

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Lamb 2021 Spoilers: What is the A24 Movie About? (Article ready)

LAMB 2021

If some of your favorite horror-cum-thriller, mind-boggling movies include Midsommar, Hereditary, and The Witch, then you must have heard the name of A24 Productions. As an A24 aficionado, you must also be aware of their latest project: Lamb. Lamb, premiered in 2021, is a supernatural drama movie based internationally. It is the directorial debut of Valdimar Jóhannsson, who has worked previously in Oblivion (2013). He wrote the screenplay for Lamb together with Sjón. Sjón is famous for his novels, The Blue Fox, The Whispering Muse, etc., and has even written many poems. In one of the lead roles, we see Noomi Rapace, who is also the producer along with Béla Tarr.

The film is supposed to be released on 8th October 2021 in North America. According to IMDB, the movie is a “twisted” Nordic legend. Noomi Rapace, the main lead, also starred in the original adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tatto Series. Lamb (2021) won the “Prize of Originality” at the Cannes Film Festival. Were you a fan of Midsommar, and Hereditary? Well, worry no more for Otakart is here to give a basic synopsis of sorts to this insane story.

LAMB 2021

A Still From the Movie

Lamb 2021: Plot Rundown

A young couple, María and Ingvar, adopt a daughter. They live together in the lonely valleys of Iceland, with no one around them for miles. They own a sheep farm, and although their relationship isn’t exactly sunny, it’s still good. Sounds all okay till here. But here’s the twist. The young, previously childless couple have adopted a daughter, who has the head of a lamb. Yes, you read that correctly. One night, Ingvar and María are helping their animals give birth, and there she was. An infant with the body of a human, and the head of a sheep. The mutant baby is covered in warm blankets and nestled in a cot to sleep next to the couple.

Lamb 2021Lamb 2021

A Still From The Movie (From IMDb)

That is basically the crux of it. The arrival of the baby is along with a sort of sinister sort of ambiance. And then there’s an abrupt “revelation,” about the same which accompanies 40 minutes into the movie. The movie is designed to make the audience do a double-take and just think, “Wait, what on earth just happened?” The story, although kind of funny, is impossible to laugh at. There are only three humans in the story. The couple, and Pétar. The drunk and the messed-up man doesn’t adore his niece as much as his brother and his wife do.

The tension between the two of them gradually increases in the show, and although it may seem that Pétar is the bad guy, it is María who seems to be almost unhinged when it comes to being a parent.  And like any good scary movie, when the characters realize what’s going on, the situation is beyond their control.

The coupleThe couple

A Still From the Movie, Lamb (2021)

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Different Themes at Play:

The fact that such a mutant exists, must be linked to the otherwordly something which lives in the vast but empty hills and mountains all around them. The lamb is lovingly named “Ada” by her adopted parents doesn’t really act. She grows up like any normal human, sorry, animal. Another side-note the movie makes a point to prove is how parents sort of try to live through their children – their innocent child who doesn’t know about the world and thus is at their mercy. You can watch the trailer here:

Lamb 2021: Cast

María by Noomi Rappace

Noomi Rapace is a pretty well-known Swedish Actor, known for her acting in the Millenium Series. She also received a nomination in the BAFTA for Best Actress in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and an International Emmy Award for the miniseries of the same. Othe movies she has worked in are Beyond, the Monitor, Daisy Diamond, Prometheus. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Dead Man Down and Child 44. In the dystopian movie, What Happened to Monday, she played the 7 lead roles.


(Source: Wired Images)

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Ingvar played by Hilmer Snaer Gudnason

Hilmer Gudnason is an actor and a voice actor. He is best known for his roles in Guy X, Blue Print, and The Sea. In Sweden, he is pretty famous for his acting skills both on the screen and the stage. He has won or been nominated Best Actor in many Edda Awards. He has also won the one best director award in Grima Awards.

Pétur played by Björn Hlynur Haraldsson

Haraldsson is from Iceland, born on 8th December 1974. He graduated in 2001 and is a founder of a theatre company named Vesturport. He is well known to his people for his recurring role in Fortitude, a thriller TV Series.

The two brothersThe two brothers

Left – Hilmer, Right – Haraldsson in a still from the movie (credits: IMDb)

People’s Reactions on Lamb (2021):

Obviously, a half-human, half-sheep baby, who is treated entirely as a human baby will interest people. Heck, she was pampered to no end by her adopted parents, adorned with flower crowns, wearing human clothes, and whatnot. So, obviously, it has got many people talking. Many people have even compared it to Midsommar, and whatnot.

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