Left 4 Dead Fans Should Keep an Eye on Redfall

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The highly anticipated FPS, Redfall, by Arkane Studios, could be ideal for fans of the beloved, but sadly dormant, Left 4 Dead franchise. Here’s why.

Valve’s much-beloved Left 4 Dead franchise has been dormant since the second installment, Left 4 Dead 2, was released in Nov. 2009. However, it remains hugely popular for its simple, yet joyously chaotic zombie-killing action. The games encourage players to team up in squads of up to four players, but solo players can still have a terrific time too.

Many fans are still looking for a supernatural squad co-op game to fill the Left 4 Dead void because Back 4 Blood, its recent spiritual successor, was widely regarded as disappointing. Thankfully, Redfall looks set to fill that hole. It’s the highly anticipated open-world FPS from Arkane Studios, makers of the hugely popular Deathloop as well as the Dishonored franchise. The game is due to release later in 2023 for the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows and will be available on day one for Game Pass subscribers. Here’s why it looks ideal for fans of Left 4 Dead.

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Redfall’s Co-op Will Appeal to Left 4 Dead Fans

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Redfall has been heavily marketed as a fun co-op experience in the same vein as Left 4 Dead, with each player controlling one of four characters. This type of squad gameplay was massively enjoyable in Valve’s zombie-killing franchise, so fans will be excited that Redfall looks set to offer a similar experience. However, the game can be played solo, as was also the case with Left 4 Dead, so single players can jump right in without missing out.

Redfall Shares Themes and Gameplay Style With Left 4 Dead

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Arkane Studios’ upcoming title also has a similar feel in terms of themes and style to Valve’s popular franchise. Left 4 Dead was, of course, more focused on zombies, whereas Redfall is all about the supernatural, making vampires the main enemy type. However, that apocalyptic feeling of survival and escape remains the same. Redfall also has a similarly fun and vibrant style of horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The focus looks set to be on enjoyment and fun gameplay rather than deep stories or gritty horror, just as it was in Left 4 Dead.

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Redfall’s Varied Combat Is Similar to Left 4 Dead’s

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Arkane Studios is renowned for its innovative and creative gameplay options. Although its previous franchises, such as Dishonored, Deathloop, and Prey are a lot more stealth-focused than the adrenaline-pumping, chaotic Left 4 Dead, they still give players the option of more action-packed playthroughs. The developer has also stated that it expects co-op playthroughs to be more action-packed anyway, which Left 4 Dead fans will love to hear.

The variety and fun-focused elements of Redfall‘s combat will feel similar to that of Valve’s zombie FPS. Although Left 4 Dead‘s characters don’t offer any unique abilities, players can still equip vastly different loadouts to suit their preferences. Redfall will also offer players a variety of weapons and combat approaches to suit their playstyle, yet in a slightly different way. For example, one character has telekinetic powers, one is an expert marksman, another is a gadget expert, and the last has a handy robotic companion. These options will ensure that a wide range of gamers, including many Left 4 Dead fans, will be sure to enjoy Redfall when it launches later in 2023.


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