Legacy Will Include a GOTG Star

All-Star Superman art of the DC hero is beside a poster for Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023).

DC Studios co-CEO and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 writer-director James Gunn confirms one cast member from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film will be in Superman: Legacy.

Like Vol. 3, Gunn is both writing and directing Superman: Legacy. The film will recast Superman and is set to be the first film in Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran’s revamped DC Universe. On Twitter May 6, Gunn did a Q&A with fans, several of whom asked if any Guardians actors will appear in the DCU. One fan tweeted at Gunn, “Will any cast member for Gotg be in Superman Legacy?” to which Gunn responded, “Yes.”


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Which GOTG Actors Have Appeared in the DCU?

Actors that have worked with Gunn have crossed over from the DCU into the MCU before, and vice versa. For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn cast his wife, Peacemaker actor Jennifer Holland, and The Suicide Squad (2021) star Daniela Melchior in minor roles. After cameoing as members of Task Force X in The Suicide Squad, actors Nathan Fillion and Pete Davidson both appear in Vol. 3, the former playing a minor role and the latter making a background cameo. Vol. 3 star Pom Klementieff previously cameoed in The Suicide Squad, but is now in talks with Gunn to play a different role in the DCU.

In a video released Jan. 31, Gunn announced the DCU’s new slate of movies and shows titled “Chapter 1 – Gods and Monsters.” Of these projects, Superman: Legacy is the only one as of writing with a confirmed release date: July 11, 2025. With actor Henry Cavill out as the Man of Steel, many have wondered who will put on the red cape for Superman: Legacy. Despite confirming that someone from the Guardians cast will be in the DCU movie, Gunn said at the Vol. 3 premiere that Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt will not play Superman.

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James Gunn Debunks Rumors About Superman: Legacy

Since Superman: Legacy was announced, Gunn has debunked several rumors for the film. Two of these rumors respectively claimed that Tall Girl actor Luke Eisner and Percy Jackson & the Olympians film star Logan Lerman were front-runners to play Superman, both of which Gunn refuted. Gunn has shared details about the DCU’s Superman by debunking other rumors, revealing he will be “younger than in his forties” and also suggesting that he will not yet have a son. Gunn gave a Superman casting update in late April 2022, tweeting out, “Yes we have some incredible choices. I’m incredibly excited, and relieved.”

While Superman: Legacy won’t fly into theaters until 2025, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now playing.

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