Life With An Ordinary Guy Ending Explained

Life with an Ordinary Guy Ending Explained

Life With An Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into A Total Fantasy Knockout Episode 12 is already out. With the release of this Episode, the series is successfully concluded. The fans are happy to be happy with a new Episode but at the same time are sad that the series has ended. But just to give you all some hope, the original manga is still ongoing, and one can hope for renewal very soon. Previously, in the ending of Life With An Ordinary Guy, we witnessed how Kalm was disguised, while she was working along Vizzd. They were planning evil as they wanted to infect Ugraine with dark energy and destroy Ishruna. Schwartz has defeated some people who later snapped out at Hinata for being beautiful and calm.

Kalm and Vizzd cast dark spells on Hinata and used her to open the royal armor. They can only be unlocked by one of royal blood, but HInasta was able to do so because she is chosen by the goddess of Love. Both of them took out a huge mecha named Meepon that they began to pilot and pull and attack Ishnura. But upon knowing that Hinata was also there in that huge suit, Schwartz and Jinguuji moved to retrieve her. Although Hinata gained control over the suit, she was still under a dark spell and tried to crush Jinguuji. Fantajo Bishojo Juniku Ojisan to Episode 12 is out, and let’s see how the series ends.

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What Happened In Life With An Ordinary Guy Episode 12?

The final Episode of Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into A Total Fantasy Knockout was released on 30th March 2022. It was titled “A guy who reincarnated as a fantasy knockout and”. Previously we saw how the Episode ended with Hinata trying to crush down Jinguuji. It began at the same moment, but Jinguuji was saved by Schwartz’s interference. Hinata realized that if she kept on throwing punches from the front, her arm would be chopped off. So, she decided to attack with fires. Just in time when Schwartz was having a difficult time handling Hinata, Jiguuji began to act gloomy. He says that he thinks he is totally useless and hurts people just by staying with them.

He further added that as he is hurting Tachibana, he would like to disappear. Schwartz knocked some senses into him by saying that Hinata truly cares for him and is proud to have a friend like him. She totally needs him. To this, Jinguuji said that he knows it but isn’t it embarrassing to praise others. Humorously Schwartz lashed out by saying within 30 seconds Jinguuji is acting like a high schooler, and he can’t deliver in is tucked into a lover’s quarrel. He said that it’s quite normal to feel jealous even toward a guy and presented his experience. This fired up Jinguuji, and she decided to face Hinata by telling her how envious he was of her just for being surrounded by people.

Life with an ordinary Guy ending Explained Life with an ordinary Guy ending Explained
Schwartz shocked by Jinguuji’s behavior

All these had some effect on her, but just in time, Kalm decided to mess up with Hinata’s brain and didn’t want her to go normal. But Hinata tried really hard and disconnected herself from the Meepon. However, this affected the Meepon as it evolved, and Jinguuji didn’t see any other way but to destroy it. So, he did and reached out to Hinata.

Life With An Ordinary Guy Ending Explained

The Episode itself was a whole roller coaster ride. At some point, it feels like there is nothing more than a good battle, but it turns into something humorous. Just in a few more minutes, it turns into something really wholesome. The Episode consisted of a lot of interaction between Hinata and Tachibana. Since she wanted him to praise her, Jinguuji praised all the things and said that he regarded her as below an average person. We also get to see Tachibana presenting an apology in front of the king as she kidnapped her daughter. Meanwhile, Kalm and Vizzd were defeated and had no chance but to retrieve.

They finally get to know the location of Demon King through Schwartz. However, the thing that made viewers laugh a lot was the interaction between Hinata and Jinguuji. The curse is acting more strongly on Hinata as he starts getting easily flustered by Jinguuji. This has frustrated both of them really bad as they decided to defeat the demon king as soon as possible and end the curse.

Life with an ordinary Guy episode 12 recapLife with an ordinary Guy episode 12 recap
Hinata and Jinguuji fantasize their marriage

Watch Life With An Ordinary Guy Online – Streaming Details

Fantaji Bishojo Juniku Ojisan To has finally ended, but we still don’t know about the renewal of the series. However, if you wish to rewatch the series or if you are new to it then you can refer to Crunchyroll.

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