Lightfall Fixes Some of the Game’s Biggest Problems

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Lightfall promises a lot of new content for Destiny 2, but according to Bungie, there will also be some considerable quality-of-life updates.

Lightfall is just around the corner for fans of Destiny 2, and there is ample reason to be excited. As with any Destiny expansion, there will be plenty of new content added to the game, including the mysterious subclass, Strand. Thanks to the most recent TWAB article, however, Bungie revealed just how metamorphic Lightfall will be for Destiny.

Destiny is certainly a popular option within the MMO genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws. The learning curve for those who are new to Destiny can be reason enough for some to leave the game alone. With Lightfall, Bungie aims to not only add a good haul of new content but also make many key features of the game more accessible to all players. What’s even more exciting is that many of the coming improvements will be available with or without the purchase of Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 Is Getting a New Loadout System

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One of the most annoying things to put up with in any video game is clutter. This can include overflowing inventory space, unfriendly UI, and extended loading time, among other things. Destiny 2 is no exception — it even has an official companion app and several third-party sites that help players stay as organized as possible. Thankfully, one particular change is coming to Destiny 2 that’s sure to please any player.

Loadouts will be available to any player once Lightfall hits on Feb. 28. Loadouts will make manipulating and equipping armor, weapons, and mods much easier, and all of it will be operational within Destiny 2 without the need for another site. Players will have a total of 10 slots open for 10 different loadout options that they can switch between at will. Players won’t have all the loadout slots available at first, but they can be unlocked over time. Each slot has plenty of customization, allowing players to assign desired armor, weapons, and subclasses, as well as select icons and names to help indicate a particular loadout’s functionality.

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How Bungie Is Destiny 2’s Fixing Mods

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Perhaps the biggest issue with Destiny 2 has been the way that players obtain mods. Most players simply can’t make too powerful of a build without just the right mod assigned to an armor piece. In the past, players simply had to wait day after day for a vendor named Ada-1 to sell the mod they needed, and she seemed to lack any sort of predictable pattern. Some players have gone a month or even a year without seeing what they need. Fortunately, as of right now, all of these mods are free and available to every player, new and old. This alone significantly levels the playing field.

Bungie has stated that it felt the need to make all mods available to lend players a hand but also because it’s also going to rework mods completely. For starters, many helpful mods used to rely on an armor piece that shared the same elemental affiliation. Switching between elements could start to eat up resources, and only being able to have one element at a time on each armor piece could be restrictive. Now, mods are not only more accessible but are also more cooperative with players since these elemental requisites will be completely removed, allowing players to mix and match with much more ease.

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Artifact Mods & Subclass Boosts Are Also Coming to Destiny

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To help players out even further, Bungie has also reworked the way that artifact mods work. Currently, artifacts act as a temporary mod-provider. Each artifact lasts as long as its respective season, and as players level up, they receive seasonal mods from the artifact that they can apply to whatever armor they wish. With Lightfall, the mods that are selected from the seasonal artifact will be passively applied instead of taking up physical space in an armor piece. While only three mods can be active at a time on any artifact, this is a massive improvement that opens the floor to even more builds.

To add even more fluidity to the game, Bungie is making a few important tweaks to current subclasses. One change allows players to reap the benefits of some mods simply by choosing the right subclass fragment. In fact, players can also even bypass the seasonal Champion mods with this new system. While players may be used to requiring a specific mod to properly stun a Champion, now certain elements and abilities can also support the player. Void suppression, for example, will soon officially stun overload Champions, and void volatile rounds can pierce barrier Champions. Each subclass, including Strand, will have its own way of combating two types of Champions.


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