Limitless Ending Explained: What Happens To Eddie Morra?

Limitless is a 2011 science fiction thriller film. Neil Burger directed the film, which Leslie Dixon wrote. The film is based on Alan Glynn’s 2001 novel The Dark Fields. So let’s talk about the Limitless Ending. Firstly, Edward Morra is essential to the plot of Limitless. He is a struggling writer who comes upon the nootropic medication NZT-48. The medicine allows him to utilize his brain and improve his lifestyle ultimately.

Following its release, the film became a big success, and a television series based on it was also released in 2015. Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, and Anna Friel have pivotal roles in the film. Even nine years after its debut, many people are still perplexed by Limitless’ denouement.

Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra

Limitless Plot

Eddie Morra is a struggling New York City author. Lindy, his girlfriend, breaks up with him because she is unhappy with his lack of progress (as well as his seeming lack of desire, passion, and focus). Eddie meets Vernon, the brother of his ex-wife Melissa, who gives him a sample of NZT-48, a new nootropic that Vernon claims can help Eddie with his “creative issues.”

Eddie realizes that he has perfect recall and can study minute details and information at extraordinary speed while on the drug. His landlord’s wife starts yelling at him as the drug takes effect. He uses his newfound abilities to calm her down, assist her with her law school assignments, and sleep with her. His skills push him to clean up his apartment and provide him with endless ideas for his novel.

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A Murder Rocks Eddie

Vernon is murdered soon after by someone looking for the substance. Eddie locates Vernon’s supply and gradually increases his dosage. As his financial situation improves, he starts investing in the stock market. He gets a job at a brokerage firm, and his connection with Lindy resumes.

His accomplishment earns him a meeting with finance mogul Carl Van Loon, who puts him to the test by requesting advice on a merger with Hank Atwood’s company. Eddie has an 18-hour loss of recollection following the meeting, which he refers to as a “time skip.” Eddie is in a session with Van Loon the next day when he sees on the news that a woman has been murdered in her hotel room. Eddie identifies her as the lady he slept with during his time skip and exits the meeting suddenly.

Side Effects

Eddie understands that everyone who has taken NZT-48 is either in the hospital or dead. A man dressed in a trench coat is revealed to be following him. Lindy informs Eddie that she cannot be with him while he is under the influence of the drug. Eddie tries NZT-48 and learns to regulate his dosage, sleep routine, and food intake to avoid adverse effects. He hires a laboratory to attempt to reverse-engineer the drug, an attorney to block the police from looking into Vernon’s or the woman’s death, and two bodyguards to protect him from Gennady, a loan shark who threatens him with more NZT-48.

Atwood falls into a coma on the day of the merger. Eddie sees Atwood’s chauffeur as the man in the trench coat and discovers that Atwood is on NZT-48. Eddie’s attorney grabs drugs from his jacket pocket while participating in a police lineup. Eddie begins to retreat, and while Van Loon interrogates him about Atwood’s coma, Eddie receives a parcel containing the severed hands of his bodyguards.

Limitless Ending ExplainedLimitless Ending Explained
Can Eddie escape from Gennady?

On The Run

He rushes home and locks himself in, waiting for Gennady to break into Eddie’s apartment and demand more NZT-48. Gennady shows off his skills while giving himself a dose of IV NZT-48, explaining that by putting it into his veins, the effects last longer, and withdrawal symptoms are minimized. Eddie grabs his knife and kills Gennady as he threatens to eviscerate him. After that, Eddie then swallows Gennady’s blood, ingesting the NZT-48 in it. Eddie regains the drug’s mental abilities, allowing him to kill the remaining henchmen. He then meets the man in the trench coat, assuming that Atwood hired the man to find additional NZT-48. When Atwood dies, the two go to Eddie’s attorney’s apartment to get his stash.

Limitless Trailer:

Limitless Ending Explained

At the end of Limitless, Gennady injects himself with NZT-48 and tells Eddie that he has discovered a way to prolong the effects by injecting it directly into the bloodstream. He also claims that NZT-48 has a longer duration of action and reduces withdrawal symptoms. Eddie murders Gennady after threatening to eviscerate Eddie. Eddie then drinks Gennady’s blood to swallow the NZT-48 in Gennady’s blood, which is a surprise turn of events. He then regains his mental faculties and murders the other henchmen.

Eddie has kept his fortune and released a book after a year. He is now campaigning for a seat in the United States Senate. Van Loom visits Eddie and informs him that he has acquired the business that manufactured NZT-48 and has closed Eddie’s laboratory. Van Loon offers Eddie a supply of the medication in exchange for Eddie assisting him in his dreams of becoming President of the United States. Eddie informs Van Loom that he is no longer on the medicine but has retained all of his powers with no side effects.

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