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Live-Action Film of Akira Saso’s Musicophilia Manga Opens on November 12

The official website for the live-action film adaptation of Akira Saso‘s Musicophilia manga revealed on Wednesday that the film will open in Kyoto on November 12, before the film opens nationwide in Japan a week later on November 19.

The “youth story” manga centers on Saku, who has a complex about music and attends an arts university in Kyoto. Through a strange series of events, he gets thrown into the world of modern music, and through various encounters with others, he starts to create his own music.

Masaaki Taniguchi is directing the film, and Hiroyuki Ōno is writing the screenplay and serving as producer. The film stars Kai Inowaki as Saku Urushibara, Honoka Matsumoto as Nagi Naniwa, and Ikusaburō Yamazaki as Taisei Kishino. Honoka Matsumoto performs the film’s theme song “Koishi no Uta” (Pebble Song). Pianist Komitaka Kogo performs the film’s piano themes “Akatsuki” (Dawn) and “Inochi” (Life).

Sources: Musicophilia live-action film’s website, Comic Natalie

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