Longmire Ending Explained: How Does Walt Longmire’s Adventures Conclude?

Longmire Ending Explained

Longmire is an American crime drama tv series that premiered on A&E Network in 2012. The show was based on the Walt Longmire Mysteries series of novels by Craig Johnson and follows Longmire as he investigates crimes in Absaroka County, Wyoming. On November 19, 2017, it was announced that Longmire would not be renewed for a Seventh Season. And that the Sixth Season would be the last. The final season began airing on Netflix on November 17, 2017, and here we shall look into the ending of Longmire Season 6.

The Sixth and Final Season consisted of ten episodes, with the series finale airing on November 17, 2017. In the finale, Longmire and his friends finally catch the killer who has been stalking him for years. While this offers some closure for Longmire, we’re left wondering what happened in the end because the Final Season was fast-paced, full of emotion, and had a lot of intricate plots that you needed to follow. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic!

Longmire Ending ExplainedLongmire Ending Explained
Still from Longmire

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Longmire Season 6 Plot

When Walt and the Crow medicine lady rescue Henry from Malachi’s kidnappers on the Crow reservation, he is in danger of losing his life if they don’t find him. It’s Walt’s job to crack the case on an out-of-the-ordinary robbery. As a result of the Henry kidnap, Walt believes that Jacob Nighthorse is responsible for Malachi’s actions, but he organizes a reunion with Walt because Jacob is afraid of Malachi. Because of this, Jacob agrees to give the FBI a copy of Malachi’s “Red Pony” ledger as proof that he was stealing money from the company. Vic’s pregnancy is discovered by Walt.

Just as Chance does by entering a guilty plea and then escaping prosecution, Walt has a similar start to his case. Shot and loses the baby in the search for Chance. Jacob and Henry are chased off the road by yet another “Hector.” While Walt’s civil trial goes poorly, the killing of Tucker further complicates the issue as Walt is instantly suspected. Vic tries to end his life. Walt is saddened by the death of Walt’s mentor and Barlow’s brother, retired sheriff Lucian Connally.

Longmire Ending ExplainedLongmire Ending Explained
Robert Taylor plays Sheriff Walt Longmire

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Longmire Ending Explained

The fact that Tucker Baggett and Barlow conspired to take Walt’s land and turn it into a golf course shows how much respect Jacob has for Walt, even though they disagree on a lot of things. As a direct result of Jacob’s emails being made public, the civil suit is dismissed in its entirety. Eddie Harp, an Irish mob enforcer, was found peddling heroin on the reserve after his death was faked. In light of Jacob’s admission that he accepted financing from Shane Muldoon, Walt remains skeptical of Jacob’s innocence. Forcing Jacob to hand over ownership of the casino, Malachi assassinates Muldoon and then abducts Henry and his brother, Henry being the first.

With Walt, Vic, Ferg, and the recently re-instated Zach Heflin, along with Mathias’ Cheyenne Tribal Police, they confront a last showdown with Malachi and his soldiers, concluding with Walt murdering Malachi and Henry killing Darius Burns, the second in command. Walt and Vic, Cady and Zach, and Zach and Cady all begin relationships. After successfully persuading Cady to run for sheriff, Walt announces his retirement. The hidden treasure that Lucian had convinced Walt that he had found, Henry takes over Jacob’s casino while Walt continues his search.

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Watch Longmire Online – Streaming Details

If you wish to stream Longmire, then you can choose from multiple platforms across the internet. For starters, the show has been on Netflix for all six seasons. Also, you can stream the program from Peacock Premium, DirecTV, and Spectrum. Moreover, if you wish to buy the episodes, you can do so from platforms like Amazon Direct Video, Google Play, the Microsoft Store, and Apple iTunes. With this, we arrive at the conclusion of our coverage of Longmire’s ending. Thanks for reading our article. Please come back to Otakukart for more daily updates and information on all your preferred series, movies, and shows. See you soon!

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