Love In A Loop Episode 19 & 20 Release Date: The Mystery Of Time Loop Is Nearing Conclusion

Love in a loop ep 19 & 20
Love in a Loop

The supremely popular and most trending C-Drama is here with new episodes. With every new episode release, we are one step closer to the end and also near to the answer to the mystery of the time loop. In the previous episodes of Love in a Loop, we see how the Director of Lazy Food, Bai Zhengxiang, dies after getting cursed by anyone. His death causes his subordinate Li Luduo to go into a time loop until the problem is fixed. Love in a Loop Episode 19 & 20 are expected to give us a deeper understanding of why this is happening in the first place.

Now that both Zhengxiang and Luduo are aware of the cause of the time loop, they have become more cautious. Zhengxiang and Luduo are working closely. Luduo tries her best to avoid situations that may lead to cursing Zhengxiang. The drama is almost near its climax, and it is still trending strongly on social media and streaming sites. We can’t wait for new episodes to drop and understand your impatience. Read ahead to find out the details.

Love In A Loop Recap

In the earlier episodes, Zhengxiang and Luduo came to an understanding of how this time loop is affecting both of them. Since then, the duo is now using the time loop in their favor. After a major blunder at the workplace, Luduo and Zhengxiang come together and use their time looping skills as a strength.

On the romantic side of the drama, Zhengxiang is trying to become more vocal about his feeling for Luduo. He tries changing his entire personality for her. Meanwhile, after a fake date between Luduo and Jiang Huo Huo, the latter developed real feelings. It’s really cute seeing Zhengxiang being jealous and protective of Luduo. Although one interesting development that has taken place is that when Zhengxiang gets cursed, his brother Bai Wuque also gets hurt. We saw how his words turned the leaves of Zhengxiang’s plant to turn dead dry. We can expect major revelations in the coming Episode 19 & 20 of Love in a Loop.

Love in a loop ep 19 & 20Love in a loop ep 19 & 20
Huo Huo and Luduo in a still from Love in a Loop cr: iQIYI

Love In A Loop Episode 19 & 20 Preview

The upcoming episode 19 & 20 of Love in a Loop seem more intense than the previous ones. It seems there is some sort of prophecy that Zhengxiang knows about. We have already seen how Mr. Bai received a talisman sort of paper with “You will die” written on it. Not much has been implored in that direction since. Because of this ominous prophecy, Zhengxiang is seen distancing himself from Luduo to keep her safe.

Love in a loop ep 19 & 20Love in a loop ep 19 & 20
Episode 20 preview cr: iQIYI

On the other hand, the preview of Episode 20 reveals another mystery. We got flashbacks of a certain female employee a couple of times. Now it is being revealed why she got fired from the company and about her attempt at self-harm. Maybe, she is the one who has cursed Zhengxiang after all. It’s an assumption, but it can be true. Guess we have to wait for a little bit more. Read ahead for the release date of new episodes.

Love In A Loop Episode 19 & 20 Release Date

Love In A Loop Episode 19 & 20 will be released on 16 May 2022. The wait is getting almost unbearable now, but hold out for a little bit more. We are almost there. The answers are almost going to start pouring herein, as the previews of forthcoming episodes look too good. Catch up now if you don’t want spoilers, as the show is coming to an end this week!

Watch Love In A Loop Episode 19 & 20 Online – Streaming Details

The show’s official streaming partner is iQIYI and Tencent. For us international viewers, iQIYI is the answer. If you are a VIP member of iQIYI, you can watch episode 19 & 20 of Love in a Loop in one go as they get released together. The episodes get released from Monday-Wednesday. But for the non-VIP members, it is one episode per day.

The timings of release for international viewers is something like this. For people in the US, it’s 7:30 am; in the UK, it’s 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm in India, 9:30 pm for Australia, and 7:30 am in Canada.

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